MacBook Air (Apple M2) vs MacBook Air (Apple M1): What’s the difference?

Apple has unveiled a new MacBook Air equipped with the Apple M2 chip. The previous model will still be in the range, which may make people interested in this computer hesitate.

Apple announced a new MacBook Air at WWDC 2022 (the developer-focused event) on June 6, 2022. Our first impressions were very positive. With this little computer for the general public, the Cupertino company offers two things: a redesigned design and a new Apple M2 chip.

However, the previous MacBook Air, a reference in our eyes (which we were able to test), equipped with an Apple M1 processor, is still in the catalog. Since the cost is reduced by a few hundred euros, many will ask the question: should we fall in love with novelty at all costs? It all depends on your sensitivity to the differences between the two MacBook Air.

The match between MacBook Air (Apple M1) and MacBook Air (Apple M2)


Two MacBook Airs come together on one point: compactness. Apple has always wanted this computer to be too practical to carry around. And if the MacBook Air (Apple M2) has a unique design, the differences remain minimal in the end in terms of measurements.

Source: Nomirama

Dimensions for two MacBook Airs :

MacBook Air M1 MacBook Air M2
thickness 0.41 to 1.61 cm 1.13 cm
height 30.41 cm 30.41 cm
Depth 21.24 cm 21.5 cm
weight 1.29 kg 1.24 kg

The only noticeable difference is the thickness: it’s flat for the new MacBook Air. There are also different finishes available. When the previous generation offers only three (gold, silver, space grey), the 2022 generation rises to four (silver, starburst, space grey, midnight).

In terms of connectors, the MacBook Air (Apple M2) gains a MagSafe 3 charging port, but it offers no more than other ports (one jack, two Thunderbolt / USB 4 ports).

Verdict: The two MacBook Air are very similar in overall design, with the same compactness philosophy. The new one is a little more modern.


By this standard, the MacBook (Apple M2) is a real watershed. It trades in a simple 13.3-inch Retina display for the 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display, pushing the edges as far as possible with rounded edges. However, like the latest MacBook Pro, it has a notch that may be debatable.

On-screen differences :

MacBook Air M1 MacBook Air M2
technology Retina liquid retina
Qatari 13.3 inches 13.6 inches
original resolution 2560 x 1600 pixels 2560 x 1664 pixels
light power 400 net 500 net
real tune

Rule : The MacBook Air (Apple M2) is better, but you have to accept that score.


So the new MacBook Air switches to the Apple M2 chip, but we see a trend in the market (processors develop every year) more than a real change for users. Because if M2 is more efficient than M1, it is hard to imagine consumer uses where the power difference would be really convincing. It’s the same observation we make every year for the iPhone: From one generation to the next, it’s hard to assess the gain — except for the resource-intensive professional (but it’s not the goal of the MacBook Air).

Note, however, that Apple advertises the same autonomy for both models: up to 18 hours of video playback.

Rule : Obviously a MacBook Air (Apple M2), but what good is it?

WWDC 2022 – # 8211;  June 6 _ Apple screenshot 1-8-52
The summary of the new MacBook Air M2. // Source: Numirama screenshot

video conference

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work: We’ve learned to collaborate remotely, from home. Manufacturers understand this, and have adapted their products to provide us with high-performance tools for working remotely. In particular, the need for video conferencing equipment has evolved. And at this point, the MacBook Air (Apple M2) drowns out its predecessor.

video conferencing equipment :

MacBook Air M1 MacBook Air M2
camera 720 p 1080p
microphones 3 3
Amplifiers 2 4

Rule KO: The MacBook Air (Apple M2) winner.


If the MacBook Air (Apple M2) is for the general public, then Apple has chosen a very high price: you have to pay a minimum of 1,499 euros to get it. The MacBook Air (Apple M1) remains at 1,199 euros, or even 1,099 euros – a much more affordable price (not to mention promotions). In any case, we can amplify the characteristics by adding storage space (up to 2 TB) and memory (up to 24 GB on the M2 and 16 on the M1).

Verdict: The price of 1,499 euros starts out to be too expensive for a consumer product.

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