Two thousand Johnny Hallyday fans expect in Cher, four Borg Basket reinforcements next season…what you want to know this morning

Two thousand Johnny Hallyday fans are expecting this weekend at Levet for the second edition of the Grand Banquet

Coming from just about everywhere in France there will be two thousand of them, this weekend in Levitt, to answer the call of rock and blues, and all the music they love, in short, Johnny’s call. The rocker certainly left the scene in 2017. But under the theme of The Great Banquet (the title of one of Taulier’s songs), two passionate Berruyers, Patrick Pennetier and Florian Large, staged a favourite: the most beautiful, truest and truest of all (many) festivals in memory of Johnny Hallyday.

Health, Wages and Pensions: CGT calls for a day to mobilize this Tuesday 7 June

CGT du Cher calls this Tuesday 7 June a day of mobilization “for an immediate increase in wages, pensions and the social minimum, to fight the most expensive life”.

The first meeting takes place at 10 am on Tuesday, in front of the Jacques Coeur Hospital Center in Bourges. “Our hospitals are cracking all over the place! Let’s stop this mess!,” CGT Health Federation condemns.

In Bourges, most of the forces were called to meet at 11:30 AM, in front of the Ancient House of Culture at Siracourt.

A rally is also scheduled in Verizon this Tuesday at 11 a.m., in front of the emergency room at the local hospital.

More than 20,000 visitors at the Bourges Gallery

After five days dedicated to commerce and entertainment, the Bourges Fair-expo ended on Monday evening. After two difficult years, it has been visited by more than 20,000 visitors this year.

“We should end up with more than 20,000 visitors, which is close to the 2019 numbers,” says Patrick Bunchon, Jane and Lewis Director of Production. It was my first post-Covid exhibition, and it’s generally satisfactory. We had a good atmosphere. Animation worked well. Restaurants too. We haven’t found commercial volume before, there are fewer exhibitors, but it’s better than it was in 2020 and 2021.”

What about the size of the business? “It’s complicated for small products, Patrick Bunchon acknowledges. I had fairly good reactions to the habitat, the garden … »

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The Minister of Agriculture announced the activation of a series of measures to mitigate the effects of the cold on farms

The new Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Marc Ficino, announced, Monday, in eastern Bordeaux, the activation of a series of measures, including the acceleration of the repayment of loans guaranteed by the state, to exempt farms affected by the violent hail incident. I crossed France last weekend.

“We will very quickly activate the devices that we know about, such as the reduction in social fees, the tax credit on the unconstructed land tax, these are classic elements that we know; also look at devices that can be taken in context from agricultural disasters,” Mark Visnow told the press after meeting with farmers Wine on a damaged farm Thursday in San Quentin de Caplonge, on the border with Bergeraques.


Bourget Basket: What will the 2022-2023 team look like

Tango Bourges Basket will grow to ten pro players next year. Renewed squad slightly more than last year with four reinforcements.

Man power:

Post 1.? Yvonne Anderson, Pauline Astor and Alex Duchette.
Position 2. Sarah Michelle.
After 3.? Laëtitia Guapo and Ornella Bankolé.
After 4.?
ext 5.? Kayla Alexander and Elodie Godin.
crew.? Olivier Lafarge, assisted by Jerome Autier and Virgil Abel.

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