Basketball. Mondville, a brilliant trilogy in response to sports injustice

Three, like the number of titles youth from Mondeville have won this season. Some even took fourth place in the French League Championship! © d

And so the “centre of nothingness”, as Deslava Anguilova called it, will be the winner of everything this season. After the Cadets at the Coupe de France, after the French Cadet Championships, the USO Mondeville youth won the NF3 France Championship. The final competition of the season was the expected formality.

A formality for USOM

Mondevillais first crushed Guianais from Sinnamary (30-118), then crushed the Réunionnaises of La Tamponnaise (94-24) before achieving their steamy victory against Gimont, in the final (88-58). Within three days, from Saturday 4 June to Monday 6 June, the case was heard. Mondville was far above the lot.

It was really a great finale. It wasn’t easy. We had a great time, full house and great atmosphere especially by the fans of the outdoor teams.

Deslava Angelova

The last six match allowed many Mondevilliers, including the coach, to walk out the very big door. He also confirmed the rise of some players, starting with Sara-Yvana Kibum-Biamo, who will be closely watching next season. This latest meeting highlights above all else, once again, the anomaly of finding USOM in National 3.

Abnormal presence in NF3

Anaëlle Dutat, Lou Bobst, Lisa Cluzeau Maëva Fébrissy, Lélia Lesueur, and company had absolutely nothing in this French Fifth Division. They were demoted there due to an inappropriate regulation error and the intransigence of the French Basketball Federation. When teams that barely wanted to be promoted administratively to National 2, were to fill in the many holes, Mondeville was definitely demoted from NF1 for one bad reason: their professional team failed to move up in the league.

“Proof of Injustice”

From this anomaly – men’s clubs can have a Pro B training center and are even strongly encouraged to do so, Mondeville has made it a force. “We were frustrated and disappointed at the beginning of the season,” recalls Deslava Anguilova, who did not fully absorb this punishment.

We wanted to prove that the decision was totally unfair. I am satisfied that we gave the best response on the field with the three titles and the big gaps in NF3.

The Mondevillaises family have drawn extra spirit and determination from their fight.

Things have to change

This event made Mondeville the standard bearer of parity, with the “Match for Equality” that proudly launched last fall. “What we did showed that things had to change,” continues Desi Anguelova. “You have to have the will to do better. We have to move on. When I hear colleagues from Hope Centers advise girls not to go to Mondeville because there is no longer any consent (Mondeville will become a training center). According to official terms, editor’s note), this hurts me. »

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“People don’t realize…”

The costs of downgrading the USOM will likely be reimbursed soon. Meanwhile, today it is the most efficient structure in France. “We went through very difficult times. I think people do not realize what we went through. The support of the parents, the mental strength of Dessislava Angelova and the tremendous motivation of her players made it possible to overcome obstacles. Dessislava Anguelova leaves through the very big door.

It couldn’t have ended better. Leaving there is sad and exciting. I have a real challenge ahead of me.

Deslava Angelova

There will be a lot of things to be built in Charleville-Mezière, results that remind us in another way that naming a training center has nothing to do with degree of performance… On the Mondeville side, doing both in the future is akin to an impossible task.

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