‘I feel like the flame hasn’t gone out yet’: Germain Castano remains Orléan coach Lorette Baskett

The first fundamental question about Orlean’s future Lorette Baskett found his answer, this Thursday, June 9th: the appointment of his coach. Germain Castano 50 years, including 5 spent at the club (i.e. 208 matches)It will be next season again, and next season as well.

In the press release that formalized this new contract (Arrived in 2017 In Jeanne, after a long lease in Boulogne-sur-Mer, which began in 2009), German Castano expresses his “great pleasure to leave for two new seasons” at the OLB.

“I think that My story with the Orleans family is not over yet, he adds. I feel a great desire at the club, and we want to put all our strength into quickly to bounce back quickly. I feel like the flame is far from being extinguished And I want us to take on this challenge together.”

Germain Castano (OLB coach since 2017)

Possible return, coach, crew, players… What future for Orleans and Luart Baskett?

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Joining Expert

Germain Castano is already expected to knock out OLB from ProB (where, despite 12 victories, the club slipped again in mid-May) and that he re-established him in the French basketball elite. Bourguignon achieved this in 2019, at the end of his first two seasons in Orleans, calling for a fiery game served by individuals who are no less.

German Castano is a climbing specialist: he has climbed twice before the ProA wall, In 2006 with Besançon and in 2014 with Boulogne. If he succeeds again with Orléans, he will be the first to have two accessions since the club’s inception: Bertrand van Botselli spearheaded the Entente in N1, Michel Perrin had elevated him to ProB and Philippe Hervé – including Germaine Castano, was one of the players at Chalon, early in their careers. Professional – having completed black and white work through access to ProA.

A man of values ​​and challenges

For Olivier Rouet, president of OLB since March 1, the renewal of German Castano, a “man of values ​​and challenges”, was evident. “Expectations are hugeGet to know the leader. We will respond with Ambition and commitment Obviously, there are a lot of feelings along the way.”

Fill the kumite and its grand hall with 10,000 seats

A few months before opening, CO’Met and its 10,000-seat auditorium can’t do without Orleans basketball players indefinitely, while Saran’s handball players have also retreated to D2. However, in the hope of filling the massive structure with spectators and vibrations, The need for a resident team to develop at the highest level is obvious.

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Rebuilding a competitive team

The appointment of German Castano “the first piece on the chessboard” according to Olivier Rouet, should lead to several decisions. add to it assistant (After Thomas Drew opted to appeal in rounds and was relegated to number one, a #1 coaching position “is one of the current topics,” the boss quits.

Building a competitive workforce is another thing. The possibility of reproduction is greatly reduced, OLB must prepare itselfSturdy French base. A non-expandable market, many have already put themselves in, starting with Chalons Reims, which landed the other.

Pascal Burgess

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