Paris 2024: Between the whims of athletes and political negotiations, the mystery of the Olympic sites

Basketball, archery, handball or even boxing, all these sports are waiting to be allocated an official site for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Between the whims of some athletes, the packages of Parisian regulation and political negotiations, the allocation of these sites is a real headache.

A little less than two years after they changed the map of the competition sites, the organizers of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games once again tired their minds to move basketball, but perhaps also shooting and boxing, risking unhappiness.

After an adjustment made in September 2020 to save money, which saw the swimming move from Saint-Denis (a suburban town north of Paris), to the west of the capital (in Nanterre), the land climb in Bourges (north of Paris) and the hand at Villeneuve-d’Ascq ( near Lille, in northern France), the revision of the card was not planned again.

That was without relying on the NBA-playing French basketball team’s stars, unhappy to play in the Parc des Expositions de Versailles, for the group stage. A bad uproar on Twitter, at the direction of the International Basketball Federation, according to many observers, led the Olympic Organizing Committee (Cojo) to abandon the site.

Since then, there have been extensive consultations. Between the International Federation and the International Olympic Committee and the City Hall of Paris and Kogo… The equation is not simple., we explain everywhere. The city hall of Paris, the host city for the Olympics, which has its word for it, would like to keep basketball in Paris. “Far away from Paris, it increases the carbon footprint…”slips an elected official.

Basketball in the north and handball in Paris?

The last option was put on the table, which has not yet been validated, an exchange with handball that should develop in Villeneuve-d’Ascq. This game will be played in place of basketball in the Parc des Expos de Versailles and will return to the finals in the North because basketball will remain in Bercy in its finals.

On the Wednesday before the Summer Olympics International Federations (ASOIF) in Lausanne, this option was the subject of a muscle exchange. By eliciting solutions Three hours from Paris Which was not appropriate, everyone understood that the Secretary General of the International Basketball Federation, Andreas Zagles, was talking about Stade Pierre Moroy, the stronghold of Lille football club.

Tony Estangett, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, replied: “Everyone wants to play in the center of Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.” The whim of basketball players was sometimes bad at Cojo. The solution “It must be acceptable to you but also to all stakeholders and public opinion”cure the triple Olympic champion.

waved again “Budget Limits” and need “to improve”. In the midst of a period of inflation, Kojo’s budget, whose expenditures and revenue will be scrutinized this year, risks disruption.

For basketball, meetings are scheduled for next week, and the goal is for a decision to be made by Cojo’s executive office on June 23. Another explosive formula: the location of the shooting events in La Courneuve (north of Paris, in Seine-Saint-Denis).

It is located on the grounds of Essences, a cleared ex-military ground, which is now in the balance as it will not be ready in time. The question is politically sensitive because, once again, it is Seine-Saint-Denis who will bear the brunt of the change.

More specifically the area around Le Bourget, which has seen calls to halt construction of the Media Village, and new metro stations that did not arrive in time and now risk seeing the test firings fade away.

Penalty kicks for boxing?

Cojo, eyeing the Châteauroux National Center, about 270 km south of Paris, got there again last weekend. “It is no longer the technical side that will play but the political side”explained to AFP Michel Bachek, president of the French Shooting Federation.

Indre communities are somewhat excited by the idea of ​​hosting the Olympics and are already looking to buy a Chinese-specific site in order to meet the need for housing offers.

But if Seine-Saint-Denis loses the shot, he may recover … boxing, at the planned moment at Suzanne Lenglen Stadium in Roland-Garros, which will benefit from a removable roof by 2024.

Temperature and noise conditions are currently being studied. Two years after the event, organizers are struggling on all fronts. “It will be a fight (…), the Feds will demand things, and the communities too, the Mayor of Paris…”, Monitor expects.

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