A Plague’s Tale: Requiem

A Plague’s Tale: Requiem Delivered a gameplay trailer to the Xbox Gallery. It is indeed one of the most exciting games of 2022.

It was one of the sensations of 2019. A Plague Tale: Innocence He captured audiences and critics alike with his storytelling Hitting, thanks to his superlative achievements to obtain an independent title. Set in the year 1348, it is a touching story of Plague tale Starring Amecia de Ron, only 15, and her younger brother, Hugo, 5. This disease is accessed by a strange disease that deserves to be perpetuated by members of the Inquisition.

After the death of their parents, Hugo and Amisia find themselves on the run across the southwest of the Kingdom of France, while the country is in the grip of a terrifying epidemic of the Black Death, which is symbolized in the game by waves of rats that destroy everything in their path. Plague tale Has made a name for himself on the international video game sceneIt won prestigious awards for Best Storytelling at The Game Awards 2019, Best Technical Achievement at the BAFTA Games Awards 2019, and Best Game at Pegasus 2020.

TheThe atmosphere in Asobo after the success of A Plague Tale: Innocence

The public hasn’t been wrong since March 2021, when studio Asobo announced that it had sold over a million copies of its little video game gem. So it’s only natural that Bordelais and their publisher Focus Entertainment would start a sequel. If the first part has a heavy and dark atmosphereA Plague’s Tale: Requiem Promises to be more funeral. Subtitle end of innocenceThis second installment will bring players back control of Amecia, on a journey more dangerous than ever.

More mature, more mature, more brutal, mass He wants to be more radical than his sons. The first gameplay footage leaked during the Xbox game show shows a tough-faced Amecia with a determined and cold look, and the increasingly evil Hugo nibbling. Innocence is now completely lost: Amecia wears partially armored clothes, she no longer hesitates to use violence. She even now finds herself armed with a crossbow, in order to eliminate any threat before she gets close to him.

The few gameplay sequences that have been revealed leave no doubt as to the graphics quality of the title, which looks great. Rat waves are terrifyingly realistic, and collections are more believable than in the first authorship. Moreover, these decorations will be more diverse than the decorations Innocence. Stealth stages will always be a part of the game, with a greater range of problem solutions. Frontal combat or stealth, decisions must have an impact on the heroes.

Asobo developers (Microsoft Flight SimulatorHe said they took particular care to clarify the narrative and exploration/fighting phases so that they would respond to each other, in order to produce a title that perfectly balanced between these two themes. In this sense, the title seems to take the opposite view of elden ring where Forbidden horizon westemphasizing a very narrow narrative, but without diminishing the gameplay possibilities.

A Plague's Tale: Requiem: PictureyoNo artistic trend beats

With its proposal against the tide of open-world racing, improvement in gameplay mechanics, highly ambitious artistic direction and strong narrative, A Plague’s Tale: Requiem He seems to have all the assets needed to attract a very large audienceIn addition to what has already been invaded by experience Innocence. Moreover, with a budget much larger than that ofInnocenceMaking it flirt with the AAA title, the title benefits from a real leap forward in terms of graphics, which will not fail to capture the attention of tech enthusiasts.

In order to see if A Plague’s Tale: Requiem He has what it takes to steal the GOTY title from Leviathan elden ringAnd the You will have to wait a few months. Intended address Before the end of 2022 On PC, Xbox Series and PS5. A Switch release is also expected, possibly via the cloud. mass It will be available on the first day on Xbox Game Pass.

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