Back to the 2012 draft, a fairly nice vintage

A few days before the 2022 Draft Gala, we invite you to go back ten years to see what went through the cracks announced at the time. A good antique for 2012 we find names that have made a name for themselves since then, some cute thefts, a famous French…but also big busts We also love them. Come on, flashback.

Ah, 2012… At the time, astronaut Hakihiko Hoshide took the first selfie during an intervention outside a space station, and we were preparing for the apocalypse announced by the Maya. On the parquet side, LeBron James finally won his first championship ring with the Heat against Oklahoma City. And like the end of every season, we eagerly await the draft to see who will bring back the little cracks that were on the verge of relegation in the NBA. 2012 is an interesting vintage that will deliver on all its promises because some of the big players in recent years come from it: Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal, Damien Lillard, is that talking to you? Yes, these three players were selected in the top ten of this 2012 draft. Chosen by the New Orleans Hornets as the No. 1, the world’s most famous singles eyebrow has handled the case fairly well, with rapid statistical progress and real impact on the somewhat limited Bayou team for several years. A team he will leave in 2019 to join the LeBron Lakers, with whom he will become champions in 2020 after a big season. The other two big names in the top ten list, Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal, have been drafted by teams whose colors are still defending without success in bringing them to the top. But their offensive talent and statistical influence have put them very high in the NBA hierarchy.

There is clearly no good Draft booze without some major disappointments. And so it was again this year. Come on, we’re left with the news: Michael Kidd Gilchrist was named number two by the Charlotte Bobcats, first on this list. Announced as a high possibility, MKG would never confirm the predictions that affected him, bringing in at best ten points per game with little defense before disappearing completely from the NBA radars as of 2020. But Michael isn’t the only one who overestimated him Before GMs, since there were men like Dion Waiters (N°4), Thomas Robinson (N°5), Austin Rivers (N°10), or Meyers Leonard (No. 11). We won’t go back to Selene’s exploits and in particular the Airplane Ring, but the performances of these four didn’t quite live up to their stature, far from it. We know too A player who could (should?) be higher than the above mentioned players, and he is French. You guessed it, it’s Evan Fournier, picked 20th by Nuggets. The arrival of one of our country’s best ambassadors in the NBA, and a career on the rise for ten years after passing Orlando, Boston and New York. Today, Vavane is well established as beginning And he wants to be a higher goal.

Now let’s move on to Steal From this draft, players have been overlooked by a lot of franchises who have since made them regret it. We’ll start with one of the biggest hits of the decade Draymond Green. The NBA Triple A Champion and Best Defender of 2017 are drafted to…35th place! Yes, you read that correctly. Amazing information when you see what the guy did in this league ten years ago. The Warriors’ Big Mouth had to shut down quite a few of those who put the wind on it in 2012. Another client for this second part of the draft, khris middleton. Lieutenant Giannis was named 39th before establishing himself as one of the strongest defenders in the Great League. Triple All-Star, NBA champion and last Olympics (snif) gold medalist, Khreis can be very proud of his career. Among the other strong players at the end of the draft, we can also mention Jae Crowder (34th position) and Will Barton (40th position). Finally, we put together one for JaMychal Green and Kent Bazemore, who were able to find a spot in the NBA jungle without being drafted that year.

It’s always good to relive the flashbacks, and drafts are no exception. So when we’re talking about rich coffee like the one in 2012, with superstars, it’s big busts and the Steal Which no one expected, we appreciate it more.

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