Basketball. How Caen BC by Stéphane Eberlin is building its future workforce

Moise Diamy is one of the CBC players who will remain at the club next season. © Aline Shuttle

“You have to win matches and make an offer. The goal is there. Stefan Eberlin’s roadmap is clear. The new coach Cayenne Basket Calvados He spoke about his project for the first time, Thursday, June 16, 2022. The man with long experience in Pro B is in the process of building his first workforce in Normandy with a guiding principle: Pro B. “That doesn’t necessarily mean next season, he said. The big teams are dropping from Pro B And all the big budgets remain in N1. The tournament is going to be very intense. We want to be in the race to join.” With seven of the 10 players who will make up the professional group, the face of the team is starting to take shape…

Group priority

There probably won’t be glamorous resumes among Caen Basket Calvados’ newest recruits. The star is the team.Indeed, Stefan Eberlin insists. Like his predecessor, coach Caen’ base [son] Playing on a solid defensive structure.” Makes it a top priority. Offensively, fast play and passing game will be the mainstays.

All players must express themselves in attack. In my team, the sign is always distributed. It gets more and more difficult to play when danger comes from everywhere.

Stephen Eberlin

Four players stay, seven leave

We had to wait for Stefan Eberlin to get a confirmation of what everyone felt: no player would be extended at the end of the contract. Karl Una Embu is the only one to return shortly after Stefan Eberlein’s appointment. “His experience matters to me. He should be our captain next year. Olivier Romain, Frédéric Lubaqui, Tom Weskart Goetz, Seraphine Sommon, Jed Noel, Martins Egbano and Kevin Brassey-Davis all leave. Bryson Pope, Florian Thibedor and Moise Diamme re-signed for two years last year. they stay.

On a basketball team, keeping four players is really a big deal. I like to work continuously, the idea is to have four or five players who stay from year to year.

Three first recruits…

“The three recruits should have complemented the remaining four players,” explains Stéphane Eberlin. Chief Yannick Blanc He is the first player to be announced. “I hired him to freelance for a short time in Souffelweyersheim and asked him to go down to N1 to take on more responsibilities. That’s what he did well at Kaysersberg.”

He’s a player with a lot of defensive power. He is able to put a lot of speed and aggression into the offensive side. I expect it to bring a little crazy.

The perfect wingthe most experienced, is a player that Stefan Eberlin has requested in the past without having the financial ability to sign him.

He has real physical skills. He is a very great defender. He can defend from 1 to 4, which is very interesting from a tactical point of view. Lee will also bring his three-point shot in Post 3.

finally, Interior Mounir Barnawi It is presented as a “young player in the process of progression”. “He was able to make the same assessment at Chartres by playing five minutes less than he did in Avignon, identifies Stephane Eberlin. He has progressed in off-ball play and rebounding.”

He is a soldier. His height (2.04m) is interesting at position 4, he can help in position 3. He is a player who will quickly move to the next level.

… and three more to come

Kane will recruit three other players as well as two youngsters brought in to train with N1 and play with the reserve team at N3. A shooting guard is expected In addition to “two interiors with sporting qualities”, to complement the racket in which Mounir Barnaoui and Moss Diamy are developing. CBC will not have a 100% French team. “There will be at least one alien, maybe two,” warns Stefan Eberlin. The team will resume training on Monday, August 8, 2022 at 5:00 pm.

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