Golf for your personal development: play in a safe mode

Golf teaches us how failure is not the opposite of success, but a step towards achieving it – if we knew how to learn from it! Here are some tips to help you fight headwinds.

The Albatross was lengthened in 2004 and redesigned in 2017 for the Ryder Cup, explains Hubert Chesnot, its architect: “I’ve remade Hole 9 a few times, because I always notice the best way to play this course, especially during the French Open. Now it’s a real 5 par, and its name, VENT DEBOUT, says a lot about what can wait for players when the wind is against them.

We can see it: Even the roads are alive, moving, changing, just like us… It’s up to us to adapt.

Learn to win

For the head of ffgolf, Pascal GrizzotAbove all, it is necessary in the face of adversity not to let one be overwhelmed by his feelings and to remain humble in golf, as in business offices…

Racing review, his record in golf is exceptional, as is in business.

We must learn from our victories: why we won

Pascal Grizzot

“I am not saying that all the projects I have embarked on have been successful, and there are also failures, and then we feed on them. We undoubtedly learn more from failures than from successes, because they signify a longer period. But we must also learn from our victories: why we have won In that sense, I’ve learned a lot from golf.

It’s true that I had the power to win, and I still have it. Exercising this ability is interesting. Because what motivates me is not to take part in a competition, I play to win. Then, I believe, success also comes from being able to give without having to go back. I have always acted out of pure generosity. When I participate in the Ryder Cup, I don’t tell myself ‘It’s so cool, I’m going to get the Legion of Honor or I’ll be announced! It’s all got to me I have no account but the desire to partake in an extraordinary human adventure. And when you can, besides, Whoever made your country shine, that’s the holy grail. That’s what drives me, and it’s still a golf term.

4 x 4 or Smart?

What kind of car are you? What is your fuel? What drives you, keeps you going? What is your forward movement? What is your opposite? What happens when you are fine? What happens when you get hurt? How do you feel when you win and when you lose? What is your behavior then? What is your balance? What are your natural preferences? Are you sure?

Once you know what kind of “car” you are, and how and what you work, we’ll focus on how you can drive that “car” that nature gave you to live your life safely, if you like. “Keep it and drive it as it must, no matter the road’s pitfalls, turns and potholes…

always learning

“Seals up, finishes! Without failure no success. The best golfer in the world has never gained certainty from his strokes without long practice, without thousands of rough trials. His first missed shots, countless missed shots have made his formation as much as they have contributed to his best shots. His leadership On the fairway, his undone style is rich in all the previous shots, good and bad (knowing that the bad in golf is always pretty much the majority)… Don’t get impatient, don’t rush. Always wait until the end of the story to see if failure isn’t Your best chance…

Successful Makers

The real bad shots (the dreaded right-hand bounce that ends up in the water!) are things that happen, like having to find a running meter in the rain. Not cute, but not enough to make a dish of it either. Say like Jan Garayaldi: “It just happens to me,” and move on. Don’t tell it at the club, don’t memorize it (you can still parse it for later though it’s cold). It’s a small part of life. There is nothing to save to the hard drive. On the other hand, make your best shots fond memories, like the good smell of successful Madeleines that you will remember for a long time.

better fail

The first thing to remember from failure is that it is an attempt to evolve, to progress. We know that in all sports the risk of falling and falling is about looking for the sensations that will lead us little by little to a better balance. So have fun like a baby learning to walk: fall! Wear a helmet if you’re afraid of bumps, but you fall!

Success regresses seven times, and rises eight times.

In the end, from failure to failure, you always have to get up and start over. As the Japanese proverb says, “Success regresses seven times, and rises eight times.”

Paraphrasing Samuel Beckett, you could say: Always try, always fail, it’s okay, try again, think better, fail better, bay again, bay better. Thus, you will give yourself the right to move to a new stage in your life. There is no failure, just life flows. The cycle of life and the golf course respond to each other.


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