“And after six months they told me I don’t know how to play basketball anymore? Adam Silver is the biggest hypocrite of them all”

Boston traded it in Houston in February and then the Rockets cut it one step at a time, Anis Al Horreya Canter He is still without a club at the moment and considers himself a pariah within the league due to his commitments against human rights abuses in China or Turkey.

“Let me give you very simple stats, it’s not rocket science: Last year I played with the Portland Trail Blazers and was calculating the average doubling. We did the playoffs. And after 6 months they told me I can’t play basketball anymore? That would That makes any kid in the street laugh. I think I can start for many teams, but since the things I say are hurting the NBA financially, they want me to leave the league. Quite simply. I just turned 30, and they’re pushing me. To retire. I could still play 6, 7 years old easily. But unfortunately, with a league like this and with players like these, it seems like this is not possible.” Ines Kanter

The ex-Nick, who became a US citizen at the end of 2021, also decried the attitude of some athletes he considers “pseudo-observant” and who are motivated more by image interests than their true convictions.

“Most of them engage in social justice and civil rights issues solely out of self-interest, because it looks good on their résumé. It’s not original. I’ve been to many NBA locker rooms over the past 11 years, speaking with many players. And the coaches, and what they are interested in is their own media image. So I want to introduce them. You don’t have to identify yourself as a civil rights activist or a social justice warrior when choosing when to care about human rights. They line their pockets pretending to be human rights activists when they are not. » Ines Canter

He has no regrets about his career.

“If I had to do it again, I would do the same again, without any hesitation. Why? Because while they play basketball, genocide is happening on the other side of the ocean. Three to four million people are tortured in concentration camps every day.” And the Uyghurs are not alone, we also see what is happening in Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan and Mongolia. It is more important than the next check. Of course I will do it again. Let me ask you a question. Will the National Basketball Association support Taiwan if China invades the country as in Ukraine? There is no chance. Adam Silver is the biggest hypocrite of them all. The NBA is fake.

Kanter also deplores the lack of independence of the media covering the NBA.

“I remember the first time I started talking about issues in China, and nobody picked it up in the sports media. They buried it. Only the political media talked about it. I didn’t understand. Then I spoke to one of my teammates who told me that the MLS The pro runs the sports media. So of course none of the reporters or broadcasters are talking about China because the NBA runs ESPN, ABC and TNT, the league partners. Sports writers won’t be angry with the NBA because they want to keep access to the locker room. They They simply follow the league’s wishes. The media protects the NBA.” Ines Kanter

If he had a message for someone who feels helpless, it would be as follows:

“My message to the players and your readers is to keep fighting for what they believe in, even if it means sacrificing everything you have. People ask me all the time what they can do if they don’t have a platform, and I tell them ‘If you see something made in China in a store, leave it’ “Don’t buy it. It makes a difference. My second message is to understand that the NBA is, in my opinion, the most hypocritical organization. We have to keep pushing it to stand up for what’s right. The NBA is 100% American made but run by a dictatorship.” Chinese. This is not acceptable. Someone, whether it is the Senate or other politicians, should say “Enough is enough.” And it is not only about the NBA. Among the American institutions also controlled by China, there are Hollywood Universities. Someone has to stop this.” Ines Kanter

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