Chillstones ranged in size from a golf ball to a bocce ball.

hailstones of impressive size… 48 hours after an unprecedented heat wave, the Gironde suffered a severe hailstorm on Monday, just after 10 p.m. The first reports that started to fall on Tuesday morning point to heavy damage in some sectors.

Hillston fell on the town of Hailan (Girund) during a hailstorm on June 20, 2022 – Sebastian Brown

At 7 a.m., firefighters indicated that they had carried out 749 interventions in 54 municipalities. The hardest hit are the residents of Saint-Médard-en-Galles and Le Taylor-Medoc, in the Bordeaux and Carcans agglomeration on the coast. The county reported “four minor injuries” and “15,000 power outages” in the wine-growing regions of Libournais and Nord-Médoc.

Hailston in Loudoun-Medoc (Girond)
Hillstones in Loudoun-Medoc (Girond) – Poseidon / 20 minutes

80% of homes in Taillan-Médoc near Bordeaux have been affected

call him 20 minutes, Taillan-Médoc Mayor, Agnès Versepuy, wrecked. “About 80% of the homes in the town were affected to a greater or lesser extent, and many are uninhabitable with collapsed roofs,” she says. Many people left town overnight because they could no longer stay at home. »

The city council had to reopen its doors at night to welcome the first victims. Dozens of people have been resettled with the help of civil protection, and others have taken refuge in neighbours. “People can keep going to town hall today, the mayor continues, until we take into account every situation. People are shocked, some have lost everything, a lot of them don’t have cars and they can’t even buy tiles. If roofers want to come, if people want to Help with their cars, we welcome them.”

The elected official also warns of fraud attempts. “You have to be wary of fake scanners: people with bad intentions appear on a part of the town hall to come and cover the houses. If there is any doubt, contact us.”

600 homes damaged in Saint-Medard-en-Galle

call him 20 minutes The mayor of the neighboring town of Saint-Médard-en-Jalles, Stéphane Delpeyrat, also reported that “240 firefighters intervened during the night, 90 again in the morning and about 200 on standby at 10 am. About 600 homes were damaged. The most urgent thing is Covering roofs to prevent more rain, expected on Tuesday evening, from worsening the situation, while several roofs collapsed.“Many people had to be housed” with their families or in hotels, and we opened a room overnight.”

The schools of Saint-Médard-en-Jalles had to be repaired overnight and were able to open their doors this morning. But the gendarmerie forces were seriously affected, as confirms the mayor, who indicated that he asked the capital to intervene.

“Incredibly violent”

The storm not only affected this sector in the northwest of the agglomeration. It also crossed the entire wine-growing region of Medoc and Liburne. A number of vineyards were also severely damaged.

A piece of vineyard affected by the cold in the north of the Gironde
A piece of vineyard affected by hail in the North Gironde – Clement Carpentier / 20 minutes

Amandine, a resident of Askes, a small town near Saint-Andre-de-Copzac north of Bordeaux, says: “The situation was incredibly violent. We were so afraid because we didn’t know if the roof and windows would hold. The size of hailstones ranged from a golf ball. To a bocce ball. I’ve never seen it here in fifteen years. The pergola was completely destroyed and my pool was transformed into a Jacuzzi for a moment with the power of hailstones. Like many, the car is affected, including the cracked windshield.”

In the Pyrenees Atlantic and also in the Dordogne

The Gironde was not the only section affected. In the Béarn sector of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, residents of villages on the outskirts of Pau have posted pictures of huge hailstones of this size and damaged windshields. Firefighters carried out at least 450 interventions there, mainly in the Nai, Bao and Sumolo sectors. “Several hundred homes” southeast of Pau were “damaged” and “some minor injuries” were treated by firefighters, Pyrenees-Atlantic County notes.

In the Dordogne, nearly 300 interventions were carried out at midnight in the 36 affected municipalities, notably the municipalities of Riberac, La Roche-Challet and Vanxins in the west of the province. Firefighters said three nursing homes were damaged in the bad weather.

Météo-France recorded 55 mm of rain in Clion (Charente-Maritime), 41 mm in Angouleme and measured wind speeds of 112 km/h in Cognac (Charente), 109 km/h at Cap-Ferret, on Bassin-Arcachon, and 106 km/h In Bordeaux-Merignac.

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