Draft 2022 | Top 5 Appearances

After the Playmakers, a somewhat mediocre position this year, a quick overview of the top five linebackers in the 2022 draft. A position that looks great for this old-fashioned, even if the podium appears to be reserved for three interiors.

Their talented back-up reserve is large for this draft, and if none of them have promised “franchise player” status capable of changing the course of the franchise, some seem able to establish themselves as unquestioned newbies, or at least luxury “roles”.

1 – Jaden Ivey (20 years old, 1m 93, 88kg)

Stats 2021/22: 17.3 points (46% shooting, 35.8% 3 throws), 4.9 rebounds, 3.1 assists.

It’s the full-back, even the most explosive player in the entire 2022 edition, and overall the best available player behind the interior trio who should make up the podium on Thursday.

A stunning athlete with a very sharp first step, Jaden Ivey makes many franchises drool, a few hours before the blockbuster high on June 23. If it’s hard to imagine him in the long run as the clear leader of the NBA’s attack, he nonetheless has all the offensive qualities to one day be the indisputable second or third choice for a club at the top of the table, like a bit. From Jaylen Brown in Boston for example.

His full profile: Draft 2022 | Profile of Jaden Ivey (Purdue)

2- Shaydon Sharp (19 years, 1 month 96, 90 kg)

2021/22 stats: I didn’t play

He’s the mystery man in the 2022 draft, given that he didn’t play for Kentucky during last season. However, it seems clear that Shaedon Sharpe is the second best defender in the crop, and his roof is believed to be higher than that of Jaden Ivey. To some cross-Atlantic watchers, he is simply the greatest inherent talent of the somewhat monolithic 2022 draft.

But the questions and questions surrounding him, especially regarding his psychological profile, are still a risk. Or at least bet. Unlike the previous Purdue, who in two seasons in the NCAA presented a lot of positive indicators, both in his mind and in his game.

Like the mystery that surrounds him, the Canadian’s drop is pretty broad: we can also imagine him leaving from fourth place, like dropping after tenth. His case will be very interesting to watch.

His full profile: Draft 2022 | Profile of Sheldon Sharp (Kentucky)

3 – Benedict Mathurin (20 years, 1 month 98, 95 kg)

stats 2021/22: 17.7 points (45% shooting, 36.9% 3 throws), 5.6 rebounds, 2.5 assists

Behind the two superstars at the center, Jaden Ivey and Shydon Sharp, we find Benedict Mathurin, another Canadian. Less famous than his teammates, but just as talented, the elegant Arizona Wildcats scorer stands out as a safe bet in the top ten.

A physical and athletic appearance, with an outside shot that can easily be converted in the NBA, the Montreal native will be a productive striker among the professionals, in a league with a fast attacking pace. Defensively, on the other hand, he’ll have to adjust some small leaps of focus to establish himself as a permanent fixture.

Like Jaden Ivey, it seems a bit ambitious to one day envision him as my first attacking choice in the NBA. His ideal role would certainly be that of a first or second lieutenant on an ambitious team.

His full profile: Draft 2022 | Profile of Benedict Mathurin (Arizona)

4 – Johnny Davis (20 years, 1 month 96, 88 kg)

Stats 2021/22: 19.7 points (42.7%, 30.6% from a 3-point range), 8.2 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 1.2 steals.

From “role-playing” during his “freshman” season to a true college star during his “sophomore” season, Johnny Davis’ rise during his two years in Wisconsin has been pretty impressive.

Averaged nearly 20 points per game in the 2021/22 season, the goalkeeper demonstrated a full offensive board at the NCAA level. Particularly effective at mid-range and solid on the circuit, the former Badger must advance in the outdoor shooting activity to become an important striker in the NBA.

Defensively, he’s ready for the next level, at least against the opponent’s benches initially. If he’s not the most impressive of this old-fashioned athlete, who can hold him up against bigger flankers or faster linebackers, he makes up for it with solid defensive instincts, especially in team defense.

His full profile: Draft 2022 | Profile of Johnny Davis (Wisconsin)

5 – Malaki Branham (19 years, 1 month 99, 82 kg)

2021/22 stats: 13.7 points (49.8%, 41.6% from 3-point range), 3.6 rebounds, 2 assists

His rise to potential “lottery pick” status was meteoric, while his “rookie” season got off to a poor start. She’s Malaki Branham, the Ohio State junior quarterback.

We rank him fifth on this list because we assume Shaedon Sharpe’s ceiling is higher, and because he’s less experienced than Jaden Ivey, Johnny Davis and Bennedict Mathurin, who all made big progress between the NCAA firsts and twos. Seasons, which, for now, looks a little more “NBA Ready.”

But make no mistake about it: Malaki Branham is well positioned in this top 5. Offensively, he may have the greatest intrinsic talent of all the players in this position, because his offensive board is complete and his chances for improvement are huge, at just 19 years old.

Capable of scoring in all three levels and creating his shot, especially in the mid-range, he has the profile of the perfect striker in the modern NBA. On the other hand, there is still defensive work, even if his physical potential suggests great things in this field, in the long run.

His full profile: Draft 2022 | Branham’s Angel Profile (Ohio)

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