How to choose your wireless mouse to play comfortably?

Gaming technologies are developing by leaps and bounds. Today, the best thing for the serious gamer is to own a wireless mouse, which can be recharged via induction through its simplicity! Here is a choice.

A gaming mouse is an essential accessory for any self-respecting PC gamer that improves performance and develops more comfortably in the game.Over the years, the wireless mouse has gained popularity among gamers as compared to its wired counterpart. That’s good, we offer a selection of non-wired mouse models that should not be missed.

Why choose a wireless mouse?

A wireless mouse is more convenient to use than a wired mouse. First of all, it won’t mess up the installation because it doesn’t have a wire connecting it to the computer. The wireless mouse is easy to store and transport, saving a long time. The lack of cables means that You can move the mouse freely around the desktop Without having to drag other devices. You also benefit from a Greater range of motion Because the mouse is not connected to the USB port.

Like a pair of headphones and just like any other wireless device, wireless mice give you the ability to work at a great distance from your computer. You can sit across the room and enjoy your games as if nothing had happened. With a wired mouse, there is no compromise: you have to stay close to your computer, and you can only work at a limited distance. Thus, the ergonomic gain of a wireless mouse is especially noticeable to the player..

Which Logitech wireless mouse to choose?

Whoever says gaming equipment says necessarily Logitech. The manufacturer is a regular in our picks, and it makes sense here with the wireless model Logitech G903 Lightspeed. The brand, which makes us accustomed to high-quality peripherals, again sign for Beautiful, reliable and elegant gaming mouse. So it is customizable, especially in terms of weight with small reinforcements 10g to add or remove, while the colors can be modified. The layout The buttons are also interchangeable, so everyone can fully enjoy the fun of video games! Finally, know that the response time is 1 millisecond, which is the fastest.

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Logitech G903 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse – 95.99 € Logitech J

No doubt : Logitech At the forefront of wireless technology, including mid-range models. Less expensive and more discreet than the G903 version G703 Lightspeed However, very comfortable and design. For a few dozen euros less, you lose customization of buttons and colors, but You can maintain a 1ms speed between your fingers and the computer, plus you can play wirelessly indefinitely thanks to PowerPlay technology.. Combined with a compatible induction mouse pad, you’ll quickly become unbeatable!

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Logitech G703 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse – €54.50 Logitech J

How do you charge a wireless mouse?

Since it is not powered by a USB port, the wireless mouse is recharged either by batteries or by induction. As such, rechargeable batteries are a perfect fit for this accessory since the wireless mouse draws relatively little power. By choosing this option, you don’t have to constantly change your batteries.

Some models of wireless mouse are rechargeable. Then it is enough to connect it to the computer with a cable so that it is recharged, even during use. Offer high-end models USB 3.0 cable allows fast charging thanks to the built-in battery. So your gaming mouse will be able to last for several days of use without the need for a new charge.

Why choose induction mouse pad?

The last method to recharge a wireless mouse is perhaps the most effective. In the gaming world, any supplement that improves player performance is highly desirable. Mouse pads are known for perfecting the fluidity of movement, providing unparalleled comfort and precision.

Some manufacturers have been able to combine the practicality of wireless charging with the surface of the mouse pad to improve the performance of the player. This is still the case is necessary Logitechwhich presents a file mouse pad gaming power absolutely stunning. It is already 100% compatible with Logitech G903, as well as G703. Dimensions are perfect, wireless technology is modern in terms of speed and efficiency… A small bonus: 2 types of skins are available to you, which will suit 100% of the players! With the Logitech PowerPlay Mouse, it’s simply the perfect combination!

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Logitech PowerPlay Mouse Pad – 109.99€ Logitech J

What is the best wireless charging mouse pad?

We finally changed out Logitech with a Corsair signed refill mat. With its elegant and quiet design, the MM1000 stands out from the competition because it will allow you to have a slightly lower RGB desk. The technology is the same: an induction mouse, and you’ll live without wires! This multifunctional mouse pad is often in great demand for lack of stock…be careful! We recommend the Corsair mouse described below, for a very good range at a lower price compared to Logitech.

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Click the picture to discover the Corsair MM1000 Wireless Charging Mouse Pad pirate

Regarding the mouse, it is simply a file Upper classCorsair’s latest move. It costs a hundred euros, which is the average for this type of device, but you get what you pay for: 1ms response time, Qi wireless charging, 18,000 DPI, customizable buttons, massive autonomy … the only small downside is The design, which is not always too skinny. Otherwise, everything is good!

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Corsaor Dark Core RGB Pro Mouse – €99.99 pirate

How to connect a wireless mouse?

To connect to a computer, wireless mice use Bluetooth or other radio waves. In most cases, this is necessary Connect a small receiver to one of your computer’s USB ports, either directly or with an adapter. Quick and easy to implement, installing a wireless mouse requires performing the following steps:

  1. Connect the receiver (mini usb key) from the mouse to one of your device ports.
  2. Press or activate the play button located on the back of the mouse.
  3. Press the call button on the mouse or Make sure the device recognizes the mouse. With Bluetooth technology, the connection between the mouse and the terminal is done automatically.
  4. shake the mouse until the pointer appears on the screen.

it’s done ? So we can only wish you a good game!

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