Pacific 2022 Mini-Games: Tuesday 21 June Recap

Entering into golf and athletics, our new Cagous medals in FA and success in badminton. Find a summary of the mini-games for Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands, for Tuesday, June 21.

The day started very early and it was hot for our golfers, on the grounds of Coral Ocean Resort. And in an idyllic setting, at the water’s edge, the eight cagos started these little games. “You have to be able to put yourself up, take your directions, and be put. This is the main’,” identifies Eric Figueres, supervisor of the golf delegation.

Golfers entered the race on Tuesday in Saipan.

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Yesterday it was gold, today it is silver and bronze. Kago rowers again won medals on Tuesday in Saipan. on lake 13e Hunters pitch, the women won a bronze medal in the V6 for the 1500 metres. “We might have had a little technical error on the corner, which caused some delays for the rest, which was hard to catch. But we are not blushing, the third place remains the podium‘, details Marcy Manat, rower.

They’re still in the V6, but over the 500m they won the silver, behind the Tahitian women.

Mini Games 2022: va'a June 21 2022

Rowers of Kagwe, on Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands.

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The men, themselves, brought home two silvers this Tuesday, once again behind the Tahitians: in the V6 over 1500m and over 500m. “We were fine, we did everything we could. We were in great shape, but they proved to be stronger than us todayRowing, explains Hermann Mingott.

Mini Games 2022: NC vs Tahiti June 21, 2022

Caledonians won two silvers, in the V6, over 1500m and 500m, behind the Tahitians.

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Mini Games 2022: va'a June 21, 2022 AD

In V6, Polynesians dominated the 1500m and 500m races at the Pacific Mini Games in Saipan.

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In weightlifting, Jessica Edgan took fourth place in her under 59 kg class. A disappointment for the Caledonian, who did not win a medal. She weighs 145 kg, with 64 kg in the snatch and 81 kg in the clean jerk.

Mini Games 2022: NC Weightlifting June 21

Jessica Edgan was ranked 4th in her weightlifting category under 59kg.

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In total at the end of the day, Caledonia had 13 medals: two gold, eight silver and three bronze. It is ranked eighth after Kiribati and Australia. Guam and Tahiti are in first place this Tuesday.

In badminton, the Cajos were injured on Tuesday. In the morning they beat Guam (5-0) and in the afternoon the Solomon Islands (5-0).

The Cajos won their first match 21/10 – 21/11. Johanna Coe wins 21/14-21/15. Yuan de Geoffroy wins 21/04-21/04. In the women’s doubles, Kagos wins 21/14 – 21/19. And in my husbands men 05/21 – 03/21.

Karl Nguela wins on 07/21 – 03/21. Same for Marine Naveros 07/21 – 08/21. He also won the men’s doubles 06/21-21/06 and the women’s doubles 08/21-21/04. And also in mixed doubles, 07/21 – 07/21.

On the tennis front, Victor Lopez defeated Camden Camacho 6/7 – 6/3 – 7/6. Rafael Bonet de Labourgen lost to Matthew Stubings 6/4 – 6/1.

Louam Boivin and Rafael Bonnet De Laborgne lost to Mark Gibbons and Matthew Stubbings 6/2 – 7/5. Icham Tidjine lost to William O’Connell 6/3 – 6/1.

In the doubles, Isham Teigen and Victor Lopez won their match 6/0 – 6/1.

Kago athletes enter the competition on Tuesday evening. Lucy Turbine opens the ball to the javelin. She is followed by Marvin Delaunay Belleville in the long jump, Kom Oblete and Ngodrilla Jeremiah in the 800 metres. Finally, Charlotte Michele and Clara Rousting in the women’s 800 metres. The results will be found tomorrow on our website.

Mini Games 2022: Athlete June 21

Athletics track at Oleai Sports Complex, Saipan.

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Tomorrow Wednesday, 8 majors in the programme, including 7 that relate to our Cagous. Only the VAA will not be in the race, and races for our rowers will resume on Thursday. However, there is no respite for athletics, badminton, beach volleyball, golf, tennis, triathlon, and weightlifting.

Find the full program here.

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