She dies 27 hours after giving birth, her husband collapses while turning on his computer …

Matt and Liz first met at a gas station in Minnesota. Their relationship began when the young man, confused, mispronounced the first name of his beloved. Since that day, they have never left. They got close and lived a love story together that deserved to be a fairy tale. Sadly, the fairy tale ended hours after Liz gave birth to her first child.

Liz’s death

On March 24, 2008, the first child of Matt and Liz was born. She was a little girl. Very proud, the father was quick to announce the Annunciation on his blog.

“Madeleine is here! The proud parents will continue to tell everyone about our beautiful baby. Expect more good news,” he wrote with smiles on his lips.

If the arrival of the little girl radiated the couple, then after a few days a black cloud covered their happiness. For good reason, the mother died of a pulmonary embolism, just 27 hours after Madeleine arrived. Internet users were shocked to find out.

As a reminder, their little princess was born earlier than expected, at 33 weeks of pregnancy. She was immediately placed in the neonatal unit while doctors were looking after her mother. This one seems to be going well. But all of a sudden, she reported that she got “dizzy” before losing consciousness.

“Suddenly it hit me. She would have died today, right here, in this hospital. And Matt said she would never have her baby in her arms.”

Liz had only seen her baby for a few seconds. For good reason, she had to undergo an emergency caesarean section. You should know that in this type of birth, the baby is not presented to you in your arms. Doctors take care of you first while nurses take the baby for first aid.

The story that inspired the Netflix movie

Nothing has been the same for Matt since he lost his wife. It was then that the young man had the idea to tell his story and share it with netizens. It will be the way for the mother to not forget and Madeleine to know who her mother is.

“In many ways, it’s a love letter to Madeleine and Liz. Liz will never read, of course, I want Madeleine to know that her dad didn’t just sit around and start drinking heavily. I want her to know I was there, doing everything I could,” Madeleine’s father said. for her and I try to make her as happy as possible.”

The father initially wanted to open his blog for only one year. Finally, he decided to continue as there are 50,000 visits per day on average. The visitors were initially netizens who supported Matt and gave him positive messages. But then, readers changed their profile. It was more about young parents wanting advice. In fact, the blog about educating a child without a mother has become a kind of parental help, but it is also a place where widows and widows can express themselves.

Matt Willis’ story went viral. So much so that she was the inspiration for a Netflix movie called A Dad Outstanding.

Greetings to Liz

Over time, Matt established a charity with some readers in honor of Liz. The institution in question is called “Fondation Liz Logelin” and is run by volunteers.

Madeleine’s father did not stop at writing his blog. He also published a book about Madeleine’s first year without her mother called Two Kisses For Maddy. What is certain is that Madeleine’s mother would be proud to see her husband managing their affairs, but also taking care of their child.

After this drama, Matt represented hope for all the people who are currently living this drama. Thanks to his blog, he helps many parents with difficulties. This made Matt happy. However, he also does not forget to enjoy the days with his daughter and buddy Brooke.

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