Working with a VR Headset: A False Good Idea

news devices Working with a VR Headset: A False Good Idea

A recent academic study highlights the fact that working in virtual reality in the metaverse has some advantages, but this does not include an increase in productivity.

If some companies, such as Meta to name a few, seek to Showcasing the potential of the metaverse in the world of workThis suggestion does not seem to be the answer to everything. Having a virtual office that you can visit with a virtual reality headset on your head can of course, It has certain strengths in virtual communicationHowever, productivity will not increase.

Worst ratings in VR

Dr. Jens Grubert, a specialist in human-computer interactions at the University of Coburg in Germany, conducted Study on the topic : for a week, 16 people took the test with their daily work tasks under supervision. Half of them worked normally on their computers, while the other half worked with a virtual reality headset on their heads. During the experiment, the roles were regularly reversed. The goal was to measure the productivity of each of these people in both cases.

During the “virtual” working period, workers were equipped with an Oculus Quest 2 through which they streamed Chrome Remote Desktop to allow them to access the content of their work computer. The Logitech K830’s keyboard, complete with touchpad, is positioned in front of them to allow them to navigate and type their texts.

The study highlights the fact that “Virtual reality leads to significantly worse ratings in most cases”. The irony in this situation VR headset users have noticed an increase in productivity when working in VR, which is incompatible with reality.

Working in virtual reality makes you anxious

The study, which was conducted on employees at the German university, also highlighted that people who use virtual reality glasses at work are more likely to generate frustration During the period of their activity, from those who simply developed on a conventional computer. This method of action made it possible to observe that the degree of well-being was lower than in the context of classical computer activity, While anxiety and visual fatigue were significantly higher.

Add to this the fact that Two participants decided to abandon the experiment at the end of the first dayThey were prone to nausea, migraines and a strong sense of anxiety. Not enough to make you want to try the experience.

Working with a VR Headset: A False Good Idea

Does virtual reality at work only lead to negatives?

It appears that the results of the study by Dr. Jens Grubert Somewhat unfavorable for using VR at work. However, some positive points were emphasized by the participants: nine of them in particular indicated that they value the isolation caused by virtual reality, which, in their opinion, would allow Enhance focus without environmental distractions. This represents half of the study participants.

but, Only 3 of the 16 participants present felt they would prefer working in VR. Others considered that it would be possible for them to work from time to time in this way, provided that the proposed solution was improved: a lighter helmet, a virtual interface optimized for work … requirements that turned out to be rather legitimate.

So the study tends to confirm that If working in the metaverse is possible, it is still far from sufficiently improved to ensure a high-quality experience for workers. At this point, it is impossible to envisage introducing such a solution in companies. However, the conclusion of the analysis highlights this The scope for improvement is hugeand that employees can overcome some of the difficulties related to the new aspect of this way of working, provided that they improve it. That’s enough to give a new mission to Meta and the others!

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