Who is Ousmane Deng, the young French basketball player at the gates of the North American Super League?

The sacred site of the Golden State Warriors, in the last major deadline of the season in the NBA: The Draft. During this annual evening, the league’s 30 franchises shape their future by selecting young players to join their workforce. In turn, each team selects a basketball player from the American League system, NCAA, or foreign leagues. A predetermined ranking favors the season’s worst teams. The 2022 edition, which takes place on Thursday 23 June, will make some hearts in France.

Thus, the four young Tricolores are part of a list of 283 aspirants selected by the NBA. Along with Moussa Diabatti, Hugo Besson and Ismail KamagatiAnd the Osman Dieng is still the most likely to join the prestigious league.

The Young Giant 2m08 is a pure product of Insep (National Institute for Sport, Experience and Performance). After years of training at JSA Bordeaux, Ding joined Pôle France in 2018, at the age of 15. He played for two years with the Federal Center in National 1 (Division III), the basketball club that brings together players belonging to Insep. He also won the silver medal at the 2019 European Under-16 Championship with the French national team, along with Victor Wimpanyama, another particularly promising Bloet player who plays for ASVEL.

Last year, Ding traveled to Auckland, New Zealand to complete his training with the A-League affiliate New Zealand Breakers. Amazing destination? Not much. He became the first European to benefit from the program.NBL Next StarsWhich aims to Attract foreign talent by coaching them over a season before submitting them to the NBA draft.

The captain of the winger, Usman Deng finished the season convincingly, averaging 8.9 points, 3.2 rebounds and 1.1 assists per game. “Playing in a difficult league with good players has been very beneficial for me.” Explanation of ESPN [article en anglais].I have learned a lot. The transfer was important, as I faced much better players than I saw in France. The game is faster. Everyone is more physical.”

The 19-year-old is now expected to arrive at Barclays Center in New York around 8pm (2am in France). Sixty players will be inducted into the NBA, but only the top 20 will be called up to sit in the media The green room(“The Green Room”). In this place, young talents (ie “Green color”, green, not yet mature), accompanied by their family and agent, take their places at the bottom of the stage as league president Adam Silver shakes hands with the selected players. The event is broadcast live, and is watched by fans all over the world.

in an article [en anglais] US television channel ESPN published on its site on June 16, and confirmed on June 16 that Osman Dieng would be part of this elite. For a young basketball player, such a call-up bodes well for joining the NBA through the front door. The more a player in the top positions is recruited, the better his chances of being part of a team where he will have time to play in the following season.

Before Deng, other French, such as Joakim Noah (2007) or Frank Ntilikina (2017), were among the lucky ones. In 2020, Killian Hayes was called seventh by the Detroit Pistons, the top-ranked Habs in the draft. However, he was unable to join in.”green roomIn the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the celebration was held by video.

In the classic 2022 game, which should consist of the majority of highly athletic players, his profile as a versatile winger capable of scoring and driving the game makes him a player with great potential. Mike Schmitz, ESPN’s draft specialist, during an interview with Dieng was full of praise for the French:I think what really sets you apart is the quality of your passing, the way you control the ball despite your height.”

See you next Nicholas Batum.

Mike Schmitz, drafting specialist at ESPN

Most of the American specialists put Usman Dieng in the list of the first 20 people called. These predictions, made by journalists close to the leaders of the NBA teams (“”insiders”), severely affect the final result. In the most optimistic scenario, as Jeremy Wu of Sports Illustrated [contenu en anglais]until the winger reached the ninth place. He could then be picked up by the San Antonio Spurs, who have the ninth pick this year. Hab Then he follows in the footsteps of Tony Parker.

Jeff Garcia, a local media reporter in San Antonio, interviewed once Osman Deng French legend. “He replied that Tony Parker was the best French player of all time and that he had seen him a lot during the finals. [NBA]However, according to Young Chances, he tweeted.There was no contact between Tottenham and him during the selection process“.

Ousmane Dieng can join the other French in the NBA stadiums. According to ESPN (article in english)Oklahoma Thunder, where “Frenches“Théo Madelon and Jaylen Hoard, would be interested in the native profile of Villeneuve-sur-Lot (Lot-et-Garonne).

At the gates of the NBA, the talented Frenchman has plenty of room for improvement. Some recruits even find it still too light to incorporate the Big League. Others think he will have to improve in his attacking weight long-range shooting. This year, Usman Deng has made 27% of his 3-point shots, far from the NBA average of 35% for hotshots. In any case, everyone agrees that the franchisee who will choose Osman Dieng will place a good bet on the future.

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