Three players were selected in the first round, a historical version of Tottenham

With three first picks, a first in franchise history, and a second alternating round in Memphis, we can say the evening was a lively one on the San Antonio side!

Accustomed to playing the lead roles for twenty years, the Texas franchise has returned to the ranks since the end of the Parker-Ginobili-Duncan era, which had a special effect on increasing activity during the draft.

A top 10 pick, the first in 25 years

It’s also the first time Spurs have benefited from such a high-profile selection since… Tim Duncan in 1997! So they got their hands on three “new students,” starting with Jeremy Suchan (19, 2m 06) with the ninth pick.

An American-Polish winger (the youngest Polish international in history) who grew up in England and who arrived from Baylor, is being presented as a versatile defender. So the first spear of the evening was called by Greg Popovich and he quickly predicted himself about his future in Texas.

“I think I will fit in very well. It is a really young team. We have a lot of energy. I feel they were one of the best teams in terms of assists. I really feel I am fitting in very well with this team.”he said before addressing the crowd. “I just want to tell you that I will bring energy every day. I will really fight and bring a lot to the team. We will really enjoy ourselves.”

Scoring touch with Malaki Branham

With his 20th pick, San Antonio picked a more scoring file with Branham’s owners (19, 1.96m), elected as the Big Ten’s freshman of the year with Ohio State, shooting at 13.7 points, at 41%. Skill at 3 points, 3.6 rebounds and 2 assists per game.

The player presented himself as a complete striker, able to score close to the circle, from a medium range and from a 3-point range, and ready to bring his enthusiasm to the group.

“On the basketball court, I just have fun. If you’re not having fun, what’s the point? Likewise, off the court, I’m someone who smiles and laughs when you get to know me.”He said before confirming his admiration for Tottenham’s current “franchise player”, Dejounte Murray. “He was kind of in the same vein as me, and also just a hardworking and a great defensive player.”

Malaki Branham will find a former teammate with whom he was in good contact when he moved to San Antonio. This is Blake Wesley (19 years, 1m96) the former Notre Dame full back, a full-fledged player who wanted to underscore his defensive commitment.

“One thing I will bring is defense. That’s what I like to do. That’s what they need. I love defense. The only thing I will work on is the shooting to be more consistent. I have to keep training on my ranges in my spare time, taking a lot of shots and practicing, “ He explained before discussing his recent relationship with Regal Branham. “It’s crazy being his teammate. This training session went well. We fought well.”

Work, cohesion and progress

Reporting on the evening, Tottenham general manager Brian Wright felt he had been faithful to his principles by selecting the ‘best player’ available on each selection, while remaining open to future exchanges. He also stressed the importance of the relationship that was born between Malaki Branham and Blake Wesley during this famous exercise.

“Both were crazy after a three-on-three session when they weren’t put on the same team again. It’s something we’ve seen and identified. Again, I’m back to the intangibles that are not specific to skill but are important to team building. We didn’t just get this feedback when we called their entourage to ask about them, but we saw them before our eyes when they came.”captured.

This is also the next step that awaits the three freshmen from San Antonio, once the press conference is scheduled for their presentation in San Antonio: the practice room, “To work, push each other, grow together”, Brian Wright concluded.

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