Valentine Cornet, from rugby to golf thanks to his rugby company

From rugby to golf courses, again and again, … an oval in your hands.

Seven After the end of his career in Grenoble, which markedly saw him become champion of England with Ciel and champion of France with Toulouse, Valentin Curran still has rugby in his heart. But now he combines it with his professional activity launched in January 2020: rugby golf.

Principle ? To put a rugby ball into a goal with the foot or hand by recognizing, as in golf, as few shots are possible.

I carried out a state diploma thesis in this specialty

“I discovered this discipline in 2016 thanks to Jean-Claude Tardieu, one of the inventors of this game. Then, as part of my state diploma from Marcuse, I decided to focus my thesis on the creation of a rugby golf association in Valentin Cornet who subsequently decided to create his own company in January ( Jan) 2020 after reviewing the youth coaching fund at CAB, the club that launched him as a professional.

“I always wanted to create something of my own. Being free in my activity and the arrival in 2018, of my daughter Ella, who was born prematurely, was a click away. My wife also helped me a lot in building this project,” the former No. 10 holder adds to the around 220 matches organized Now events all over France.

“I mainly work with rugby clubs, and many companies want to do that construction team But also for special days like bachelorette parties or weddings. »

Next Saturday, July 9, at Planchetorte Golf Course in Brive, Valentin Courrent will be organizing an event more special than the others. Which especially touches his family: “Gulf Rugby Charity for SOS Prima and Maison des Parents de Toulouse which helped us greatly during the birth of our daughter. Their support was very valuable. All profits of the day will be donated in full.”

Califano, Wisniewski, Dubois or Laharrague present

For the occasion, Brive played its all-important address book since it will also bring in twenty former rugby players.

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Among them are Christian Califano, Yves Dongwe, Jonathan Wisniewski, Jean-Philippe Grandclaude, Julien Laharage, or even Jeff Dubois or Johan Dalla Riva. Benjamin Apple

A chance to participate in the July 9 competition and play with a former professional rugby player. Contacts: or Price: €100 per person for two meals (lunch and dinner) and competition.

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