an interview. Evan Fournier, NBA champion in Corsica

En vacances à Ajaccio, le joueur star de l’équipe de France et des Knicks de New York en profite pour peaufiner sa préparation en vue des prochaines échéances, à savoir le championnat d’Europe en septembre avec la la Bleus de et October

Sade like perfume NBA This is Thursday morning in CSJC. One reason for this, the existence ofEvan Fournier29 years old New York Knicks And the France team is on vacation for a few days in the Ajaccio region and has been doing a training session. A session open to the public who was able to admire the seriousness and skill of a man who was one of the best French players for nearly ten years.

Against a background music from R’n’B keen to broadcast himself on the speaker, the session began with flexibility and stretching exercises before warming up with balls. A few free throws before starting the machine quickly escalated with ball passes, then three-point shots, which is the specialty of the basketball player. Lots of three-point shots. And a lot of “tricks”.

With its application and focus, Vavan still engages some young fans at the end of the session. For about two hours, the player was entertained by the many children – and adults – present. Before leaving the room he agreed to answer some questions.

From New York to CSJC’s small gym, which is very different from the big halls you develop year-round, how do you find yourself making such a big difference?

Of course, it’s different from what I usually see in the States, but I grew up in places like this. I played there every day until I was 15, and for me, it’s just a homecoming.

Corsican blood in my family

It’s not your first time on the island. what do you like about it?

This is the 4th time I’ve come to Corsica and I really like it. It goes back to two generations, but I have Corsican blood in my family, and some live here. I especially appreciate the relaxed aspect, it’s exotic to me a Parisian. I really like to recharge my batteries here and try to find a different angle each time. This is the first time we are staying in Ajaccio.

After a season that ended early, where are you in your preparations?

It started two months ago. And there, I needed to break out of my routine a little bit. So we decided with my wife to go to Corsica to see the sea, rest, sunbathe and at the same time continue training. I would also like to thank Jean-Philippe (Feddie) for making the CSJC room available to me.

Before the NBA resumes scheduled for October, there will be a European Championship with the French national team in early September. it will be ?

Yes yes definitely!

It will follow the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. We see you also very active on social networks about this. Is it already in the back of your mind?

Honestly, I don’t think about it much. It’s in a couple of years, there’s time and a lot can happen between now and then. At the moment I am focused on the European Championship, a competition we haven’t won since 2013, we have a good team and we will be among the favorites. It really is a good deadline.

I joined the New York Knicks franchise last year. Is it legendary as they say?

Obviously it is different. You don’t necessarily realize the scale of this until you set foot on Madison Square Garden for the first game of the season. It really is a separate world, it is the most beautiful room in the world to play basketball and it exudes a special energy. And being able to develop there all year round is a privilege.

What do you add more pressure?

Pressure is a very personal thing. We are all different, we each have our own way of dealing with it. I’m someone who doesn’t hang out much on the nets, or at least what’s being said there, whether that’s the upside or downside. There are not many external elements that affect me. I have a very closed circuit and try to limit myself to that. It’s my way of approaching everything because if I get lost, if you read what’s written all over it, you can quickly get frustrated and that’s not what I want to do.

What is your analysis of the last year that you failed to qualify for the playoffs?

On a team level, it is necessarily disappointing not to play in the playoffs given our workforce. As an individual, it took me a while to adapt to the role that was new to me, but in the end it went well and I still broke two or three passing records, which is always a positive. But the important thing is to keep moving forward.

What will be your goals for the next season?

Winning as many matches as possible, putting in as many baskets as possible, that would be really good.

Last year I played under the Boston Celtics. When we see their trip this year (2be Eastern Conference), did you regret not taking part in this adventure?

Not at all because you never know how it will end. The players arrived during the slump and not all of them finished the season as two or three were “traded”. You don’t know how the season will turn out. In mid-January, they were behind us, 11be Eastern Conference. The difference between victory and defeat is often very small…

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