Boys and girls in the last four!

The 3×3 World Cup continues! After brilliantly managing the Round of 16 earlier in the day, the French men’s and women’s teams were once again called onto the field for the quarter-finals. In the programme: Spain for girls and Holland for boys.

So here we are with Spain and France that smells of sulfur and rivalry. As a reminder, a year ago, the Iberians eliminated the Blues in the semi-finals of the European Championships held in…Paris, denying our French girls three balls in this competition. So it’s time for revenge and hopefully our players put the knife between their teeth. The start is promising with the ever-brilliant Laëtitia Guapo offering herself a single entry point to gain confidence. Spaniards rely on their size to make a difference and Aitana Cuevas simply in another world. The giant gives us a show inside, where all of her paintings and feet pop out to flood France. With a tricolor attack collapsing at the wrong time, Spain completely reverses the score (7-3). Girls are not impressed with him, they tell each other during the timeout and come back with better intentions. The defense is flawless, the efficiency is gradually returning and the gap is melting like snow in the sun (9-8) thanks especially Five-star Myriam Decondad on both sides of the field. Vega Jimeno and then Cuevas keep Spain ahead but the France girls feel there is something to play for in this match. They cling again and again, ready to give body to the science in every action and finally manage to equalize by Guapo after 12 seconds of time! (13-13) As Spain benefits from the latest acquisition, Decondade (again) brings us a brutal counter to protect the extension. What a game ! So we got to that extra time and the rule is simple, the first team to plant two points wins. Paget grows the first gang thanks to a cool body trick, the unstoppable Cuevas responds to and that’s where it all comes back. Both teams have a chance to win but the ball does not want to enter either side. It’s finally Marie-Yves Baggett who would come to free her teammates by grabbing a massive offensive bounce before ending up with a superb shot to end Spain. 15-14 victory for Lee Blue, who qualifies for the semi-finals of the tournament! heroic!

Hardly enough time to recover from the feelings of qualifying the girls and it’s the boys’ turn to enter the fray and make us happy. The start of the match is simply perfect for the trio with a stifling defense and Antoine Eto’o really in tune. The guys are good in attack, Seguila passes us from the back, leads 5-1 after 3 minutes of play, what more could you ask for? The scenario is a bit perfect and the Dutch wake up via Jesse Voron simply simmering from afar as the French defense starts to be less imperial. Holland is approaching, Voorn continues to play Damien Lillard, and Frank still puts it on the buttocks with a deft dribbling in the back (see below). Momentum despite everything seemed to be in our neighbors’ favor and one (not converted) from Jaring allowed the Netherlands to draw at 10-10 just over 3 minutes from the end of the game. The Blues never abdicate and are coming back strong. Eto’o is personally interested in pacifying Voorn on defense, Léo steps up to Alley-oop for a special “chocolatine” and then Alex Vialaret gets hot in time. To tie the action to a spin and then a massive volley from the parking lot to give the +4 French one minute left. Oranjes tries to stay behind, but Antoine is so confident he’ll finish the job on the line before he sets his sights on another ride. 18-12 victory for the Blues, which qualifies with the authority for the semi-finals.

4 matches, 4 wins for our French teams today and each validating their ticket to the 3×3 World Cup semi-finals. See you tomorrow at 5:40pm for a place in the final. It seems simply unmissable.

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