How to delete express settings on Windows 11 PC

This article explains how View or remove quick settings on me Windows 11 Computer. When Quick Settings is turned on or enabled (which is a default action), users can open the Quick Settings panel or the Quick Settings layout to access Accessibilityto switch wirelessand enable/disable Battery saverAnd the BluetoothAnd the Airplane modeand use the other available options or features. But for those who don’t use it, you can hide or remove Windows 11 Quick Settings, using two different options.

When this feature is removed, the quick settings panel does not open. no keyboard shortcut (win + a), and you won’t be able to open Quick Settings using the system tray icons (battery, sound, or Wi-Fi). But don’t worry, if you want to use the quick settings, you can turn it back on and show it anytime you want.


There are two native options in Windows 11 with which you can view or remove quick settings. here they are:

  1. Group Policy Editor
  2. Windows Registry Editor.

Let’s start with the Group Policy Editor option.

1]Delete Quick Settings Using Group Policy Editor in Windows 11

Here are the steps to hide or remove quick settings with this option:

  1. Open Group Policy Editor
  2. select file Start menu and taskbar issue
  3. you join Delete quick settings Window
  4. select file active Selection
  5. Click on Good button.

In the first step, open the Group Policy Editor window with File Execution of commands area, search area, or in any other way.

After that select a folder with the name Start menu and taskbar. The path to this folder is shown below:

User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar

Start menu and taskbar folder

Now double click on a file Delete quick settings The option is available in the right section to open a separate window.

There, select a file active The option is in the upper left. In the last step, press Good button.

Use the Enable and OK button

It will save your changes or you may need to restart your computer to save it. This will disable or remove the quick settings on your Windows 11 PC.

To enable or show Quick Settings again in Windows 11, you can repeat the above steps and click not configured The option in Delete quick settings Window. Finally, use a file Good You will be able to access the quick settings panel. Restart the computer if the changes are not applied.

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2]Remove or disable quick settings using Windows Registry Editor in Windows 11

  1. Open the Windows Registry Editor
  2. select file windows a key
  3. Create explorer key under windows registry key
  4. Create Disable ControlCenter evaluation
  5. Set the value data of the DisableControlCenter to 1
  6. Click on Good button
  7. Log out and log in to your computer.

Now let’s see the detailed explanation of all these steps.

In the first step, open the Windows Registry Editor using the search box or another preferred method.

After opening the Registry Editor window, select File windows a key. The path to this registry key is as follows:


Accessing the windows registry key

Under Windows Key, create a new registry key with the . extension explorer Title. If this key already exists, it is not necessary to create it.

In the right pane of this key, create a file DWORD value (32-bit) with the Disable ControlCenter Title. To create it, right-click, and open File new menu, and click DWORD value (32-bit). Rename this new value to DisableControlCenter.

Create a value dword disablecontrolcenter

Now it’s time to set its value data so you can turn off the quick settings. To do this, double-click the DisableControlCenter value, and a file . will open Modify the DWORD value (32-bit) Box. In the Value data field for this region, type 1 and press Good button.

Setting the disabled control center value data 1

In the last step, you need to sign out of your Windows 11 computer and then sign in again. Otherwise, you just have to restart your computer.

To use, view, or enable Quick Settings on your Windows 11 PC, you can follow the steps above, and wipe off Explorer key. After that, restart your computer and you can start using the quick settings again.

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If you are not satisfied with the default options or icons in the Quick Settings panel of Windows 11, you can easily change them using the . File Edit Quick Settings An icon located in the quick settings. this pencil Which is available directly before the file Settings icon in the quick settings panel. After clicking on this icon, a Decode They will be visible to all quick settings added to remove them. You will also see a file to add The option that allows you to enter one of the available quick settings. Once you have added the icons of your choice, press the key. Do button to save.

To reset express settings in Windows 11, you need to create a BAT (*.bat) file. The post helps you to create this BAT file using Notepad and the desired format. Once this BAT file is created, run it as administrator so you can reset the quick settings. Before running this file, you should back up the Windows registry or create a system restore point that will help restore your PC from unexpected changes (if any).

Hope this is useful.

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