Logitech G29 sales: The most popular PS4 / PS5 steering wheel is cheaper

good deal news Logitech G29 sales: The most popular PS4 / PS5 steering wheel is cheaper

Yesterday we were talking about Amazon’s offer with the G29 at a price of 250 euros, and today CDiscount is reacting to a more interesting offer. And as a bonus you leave it with the matching gear lever. Get the fastest gameplay and driving pleasure on PC, PS4 and PS5. It’s time to get ready for the race.

Logitech G29 + shifter at a very low price

Despite the high component prices and supply difficulties, Logitech seems to have a lot of resources on its hands as it is the only manufacturer offering such a low price for such a popular product. And this time, it is the discount that gives us the pleasure of literally lowering the price of this premium product.

Buy the G29 Driving Force and its gear lever for €239 from Cdiscount

Thus you can get the G29 and its gear lever, for only €239, within the limits of the available stock. That’s a rate we haven’t seen in a long time on this type of steering wheel This puts the G29 at the forefront of wheel drive on the market today. It is enough to start a game of Gran Turismo 7 or even F1 22 in the best conditions.

Logitech G29: The best finish on the market

Between ruggedness and build quality, the G29 places such prominence on fine materials that it makes brands like Thrustmaster, Hori and even Fanatec jealous. Its steering wheel part is covered in hand-stitched leatherIts metal frame, ruggedness guarantee, and numerous buttons make it a reference of its kind, and a model that stands above all for its durability.

The G29 makes more use of the high-profile alloy paddles, a power responsive steering wheel that delivers great responsiveness and feel, and the gear lever in the package ensures you feel like you’re in a real car. The same note with A general work environment that benefits from all of Logitech’s know-how in this field for years.

The buttons are numerous to provide access to many functions during the race, even with a rotary function for managing complex parameters, and their placement is thoughtful so that you do not have to take your hands off the steering wheel during the race. No wonder it is now used by many simracers, both in leisure and in esports.

Finally, on the pedal side, the G29 is equipped with one of the most popular models. Three metal pedals manage the clutch, brake and accelerator, with 3 different resistances for added realism. The wide and comfortable pedal board is suitable for hard surfaces (tiles, parquet, etc.) and carpetsThanks to the exclusive clutch system that prevents it from shifting when pressing on the pedals. Obviously, the G29 can be mounted on a desk, coffee table or high table, but also on a stand or a custom cockpit.

Logitech G29: Plug’n Play Steering Wheel on PlayStation and PC

G29 is an official steering wheel for PlayStation and PC, which offers full compatibility with PS5 and PS4 games with steering wheel control. Gran Turismo, Dirt, F1, Assetto Corsa, all major racing game series I gave it a specific setting because this model is a reference. clearly, On the console, you can plug and play, it’s already settled. Simply.

On a Windows PC, it’s not much more difficult since all you have to do is install Logitech’s G Hub software, as for mice and keyboards, to reach a similar level of compatibility, for both recent games and older titles. And there again, Most titles include settings for the steering wheel, where they are considered essential. So this G29 can easily accompany you through decades of video games.

Don’t miss this offer! There is a strong risk that the economic situation and shortage will prevent us from reviewing G29 and its leverage at this low price. And again, stocks are far from unlimited. So do not waste time.

Buy the G29 Driving Force and its gear lever for €239 from Cdiscount

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