Ryan Rollins, that rookie who cost the Warriors dearly

It’s always the first question that comes to mind when a newbie arrives at Warriors: Is there a place for him to spin?

The examples of Jonathan Kominga and Moses Moody, who were picked in the “lottery” in 2021 but used sparingly by Steve Kerr, show that it is never easy for youngsters to start a career in the Bay Area NBA. The former played an average of 17 minutes last season, while Moses Modi, who spent a lot of time in the league, had to make do with 12 minutes per game.

So it makes sense to expect the same “treatment” of club rookies from Antique 2022, Patrick Baldwin Jr. (28), Ryan Rollins (44) and Joey Santos (55). Especially since the Warriors will attack the 2022/23 season with the champions’ shoes.

The first, in which the franchise leaders with four titles in 8 seasons are still betting on choosing the first round despite the apparent failure of the “rookie” season, must play at the end of the rotation. The third, who has been playing in Brazil since 2018, should not start his NBA career right away.

But what about the second?

Only last minute transfer to him

Picked up as the 44th pick after two seasons at lowly Toledo College, Ryan Rollins (18.9 points, 6 rebounds, 3.6 assists last season) should also join the “Dubs” rotation from the start of the school year.

It’s Bob Myers, the club’s general manager, who invokes the possibility, recalling that the Warriors went up the draft, by replacing their 51st choice and financial compensation with the Hawks’ 44th pick to accurately ensure they could pick Ryan Rollins. They did the same with Jordan Peele in 2017, “bought” 3.5 million from the Bulls.

Thank jo [Lacob] for agreeing to spend the $2 million needed to obtain this selection. This was the logical choice, and we didn’t think it would be available at 51st. Bob Myers summarized. ” At this point in the draft, the talent gap between Ryan and the next guy was huge. That’s why we climbed to number 44. »

An important sign of confidence from the defending heroes, which the young giant appreciates.

I really appreciate this gesture, it means a lot to me. It shows that Bob believes in me, and I also believe very strongly in my abilities. Rookie announced. ” I just needed a chance because I know I’m good enough to play in this league. I now have this opportunity in front of me, and I intend to take it to prove my wall. »

adapt to existence

Now it remains to be seen how Steve Kerr could use Ryan Rollins.

He appeared natural but the NCAA ball carrier because he already knows how to create his shot, it’s hard to imagine him in that role with the Warriors, where Stephen Curry, Draymond Green or even Jordan Bull are the main ball bearers.

On the other hand, it ticks an important box when you’re playing Warriors: He knows how to shoot behind the bow. His success rate last season in this exercise, which will be put into context, says the opposite (31.1% in 4.4 attempts), but Ryan Rollins has a sharp wrist. Off the ball, he’s flailing about Steph Curry, Draymond Green and most of all making use of the Warriors’ flawless attacking system he can then make himself useful with his shot.

But for the manager in question, it is not yet time to talk about tactics: considering himself a player capable of adapting to any environment, he will do what is asked of him, as long as possible. allowed to play.

I have played with different teams, in different environments since childhood. So I think one of my qualities is adaptability. I have judged. ” I suppose if you know how to play basketball, you can play whatever the context. Regardless of your teammates, you should be able to quickly understand the mechanics, system, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences of each. And I think I can identify all of these things. »

Like his new teammates, Jonathan Kominga and Moses Moody, one realistically imagines a smooth learning curve for Ryan Rollins during his first year with the big boys. In the workforce that will defend their title, the quarterback can play ten minutes in the regular season, keeping up with that in the G-League.

Before, who knows, he’s gradually gaining momentum and establishing himself as a “thief” for his own recruiting class a few years later, just like his new teammate, Jordan Bull, this season.

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