Benedict Mathurin at the gates of the NBA

Benedict Mathurin is about to enter the NBA through the front door, and he is seen as one of the best hopes for the next draft. Despite the scale of the spectacle, he’ll never forget where he came from: North Montreal.

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The 19-year-old athlete grew up in a rather disadvantaged neighborhood, however, he practically keeps only good memories of his youth.

“When I was young I would go to the park and all the other guys were there. It allowed me to improve myself, to face adversity every day,” Mathurin said Tuesday, during a conference with the media. We can start at 10 am and play until 11 pm. Positive for me being surrounded by basketball every day.I don’t see much downside,although coming from you I can tell it was a bit serious.We had to hurry back home when we finished,because late at night didn’t It was a good time.”

Mathurin also intends to make his mark on the northern Montreal community, among other things by helping children who, one day, could become the next athletes to have their names heard in the NBA draft. He would like to set up training camps there, when the weather permits.

“Being a young guy from North Montreal, I had a lot of trouble growing up, but I had the opportunity to go to the NBA Academy, and that really helped me,” the producer added. From Arizona Wildcats. But there are a lot of young people out there who can’t pay for school or pay for the basketball team, so I find this miserable and that really my goal is to want to help young people who want to continue the sport in Montreal North.”

“I didn’t have many people, when I was young, who took the time or who were in the situation I’m in to talk to me, to tell me how much the NBA is possible. Anything is possible in life. If you work, if you do what you have to do. With it, if you stay out of trouble and if you go to school, anything is possible. That’s really the message I’m trying to get across to North Montreal.”

Even if he hasn’t played a minute later in the NBA, Quebec already knows that at the end of his career, he’d like to go back to La Belle City to be a coach there…school.

“I don’t know if it will be in Montreal or in Haiti, but just to build a school so that young people can play basketball.”

There thanks to his family

Mathurin does not hide that, even if he himself made hard efforts to reach this stage, he owes part of his success to his family, which today is still far from providing him with support.

His older sister, Jennifer Mathurin, is also a basketball player, having played for the North Carolina State Wolfpack in the NCAA. Today, she is back in Quebec as an assistant coach for Bishop Gaiters.

“My sister played basketball so she was always there to help me, to give me advice. After that, whether at Anjou or for my other teams, she was always there to motivate me. My family was there for me, which motivated me and made me focus on the things that matter most.”

Lots of interested, lucky formation

Mathurin is not only seen as a first-round pick, but someone whose name could be heard among the top 10 in the NBA amateur auction.

In doing so he will join a select group of Quebecers in the Silver Circle, which includes, among others, Chris Boucher and Jim Birch, with the Toronto Raptors, as well as Luguentz Durt, of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Mathurin wouldn’t be the first Bell County representative to reach this level, but he could be the first to be inducted into the top ten. The person training in California this summer already has several teams interested in his services, including the Raptors, Indiana Pacers, Washington Wizards, Portland Trail Blazers, Chicago Bulls and New Orleans Pelicans.

“There are so many things to come, day in, day out, moment by moment. I’ve always wanted to join the NBA, so I take the time to savor it, [de profiter] all the time.

“I work hard every day to improve myself and improve certain aspects of my game. It’s all about adding pieces to the puzzle. It’s all right. I’m working on myself and enjoying the process.”

The NBA Draft will take place on June 23 in Brooklyn.

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