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Moving into the new millennium, the new millennium, seems a long way off, but it was a great time for fans of 3D action / platform games. From Rayman to Crash Bandicoot via Jak & Daxter, many licenses have appeared or confirmed their existence during this period. Beneath this vibe of nostalgic journey, Kao the Kangaroo is a nod to all those jumping heroes. But did he manage to leave his mark?

This may surprise some people, but Kao The Kangaroo Vintage 2022 is actually the fifth episode of the saga. Originally known as “Denis the Kangaroo,” the franchise was born two decades ago on the Dreamcast, SEGA’s newest console, and PC (the game was also adapted on Nintendo’s old portable console, the Game Boy Advance). Directed by Polish studio X-Ray Interactive (now renamed Tate Multimedia), the title features a kangaroo with devastating fists in a series of levels with a cartoonish appearance. Somewhat linear with its arcade courses (like Donald Kwak’s Attack?*!), this first episode laid the foundations for an epic that grew in scope.

Available on PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube, this game offers French voiceover, more impactful scenario, rich (and much faster) gameplay and richer and more open worlds. The collection is technically superior to the original, while offering an artistic direction reminiscent of work like Rayman 2: The Great Escape and its sequels. Then there was a PC-exclusive episode, Kao 3: The Mystery Of The Volcano as well as a remaster of Episode Two on PSP (Sony’s first portable console).

revolution gloves

When Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 was released on Steam in 2019, the developers at Tate Multimedia surprised their fans with nostalgia. The title was revealed without much ambition, the title sold well, and the studio finally created a new episode. The game, titled Kao the Kangaroo, uses the components of the first two parts while providing all the flexibility of modern gadgets. We’ll quickly move on to the scenario (Sister at risk leads an introductory mission) to focus on the attractions of this Reboot In other words, restarting a long dormant chain.

Kao the Kangaroo: The perfect family platformer while waiting for the next Sonic?

standing kao

After a quick tutorial, the player discovers a large village by the sea. This square, which acts as the main area, gives access to the different levels and everything depends on the ability of the kangaroo to recover the ducats (the game currency used to get extra hearts or lives quarters) and especially the runes. These purple artifacts are truly the key to locked gates and we quickly understand that exploration is at the heart of this new adventure.

Thus the avatar can roam everywhere in this open area, roam the water and explore each of the huts to store the coins. To bring some semblance of life to this environment, developers have modified various interactions with the natives, with some individuals taking on a larger role than others. This is especially the case with Gadget le Pélican, whose boat will be very useful to you in due course.

As soon as the first runes have been eliminated, we get to the heart of the matter by drowning in the dark forest. Assuming its ancient structure, Kao the Kangaroo remembers great classics like Rayman 2 (sometimes even for music!). Combined with his devastating fist, Kao can jump twice, pick up and throw projectiles, swing at the end of a makeshift vine, and spin the ground and smash it with his backside. Along the way, the macropodid (word to shine in the evening) will have to combine their gloves with fire, ice, etc.

The game is based on a fairly linear progression of the levels, but it wants to be more open in the different key areas. The humor is not missing and the feeling, in control of the hand, is fairly effective. The hero moves well, the animations are smooth and the cartoon aspect works great! It’s a pity that the battles lack accuracy and the enemies (except for the bosses, they worked more) only act as a punching bag.

Cartoon-like family adventure

Despite the slightly recognizable graphic elements from the Unreal Engine (the 3D engine that was used to create the game), Kao the Kangaroo is a little treat for the retina. Visually very attractive, the game explodes in a thousand colors and makes young and old to evolve in a strange world of the most fun. The various special effects are of high quality and the movements of the characters are well reproduced. Some aspects are more general than others, but the title generally makes a positive impression.

And so we spend our time wandering through the levels, smashing chests, enemies and other things in the environment to get the ducats back. The adventure ends fairly quickly, but collectors will be happy to recover the hidden diamonds, scrolls, and letters K, A, and O in each level. We give you, apart from getting 100%, it’s not much useful, but it does extend the life. There are also hidden wells that give access to platforming/combat challenges to be completed in record time. In the end, a very cute game that is perfectly suited for an afternoon with the family!

Kao the Kangaroo: The perfect family platformer while waiting for the next Sonic?Kao the Kangaroo: The perfect family platformer while waiting for the next Sonic?


strength point

  • Cartoon art trend fascinates the retina
  • Easy to access and family friendly
  • country music atmosphere
  • Sarah to deal with
  • Difficulty suitable for children (adult help to the heads)
  • Various decorations

Weak points

  • Limited interest of collectors
  • There is no real reason to return
  • Inaccurate and often chaotic battles
  • English voice does not stick to the hero
  • There is no sound in French
  • A little classic in his approach

Kao the Kangaroo does not cheat on merchandise at any time. Assuming its entire heritage, it takes the outline of a fairly classic platform game, but isn’t uninteresting. Exploration, search for collectibles, confrontations against enemies and bosses… The formula is very well known, but the action of Tate Multimedia offers a great adventure thanks to its successful graphics and immersive animation atmosphere. With more refined battles and a little more original progression, the title could have rubbed shoulders as hard as possible. But as it is, it is very cute and Kao the Kangaroo arrives just in time to accompany you with your family during the summer.

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