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Thanks to the strange and colorful universe, we already knew that the Oli-Oli World was on another planet. But with the Void Riders DLC content, it’s heading into the stratosphere! Aliens descend on Radlandia with the firm intention of finding valuable samples. But of course, since it’s not going well in your head – that’s what it means to be a skater – you’ll lend them a helping hand. An opportunity to meet new challenges in new areas. Come on, it’s time to judge.

  • Testing was done on PS5. OlliOlli World Void Riders is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

OlliOlli World hit full speed earlier this year, the culmination of the series of the same name and studio Roll 7. It’s a fast-paced, side-scrolling skate game that once and for all affirmed its love for platformers, setting aside the requirements that were nonetheless. Its strength was in the past. In this third episode, Oli Oli has taken a really mainstream turn: more accessible gameplay, more specific/colorful being, improved online mode, and plenty of items for avatar customization. But the team also took the opportunity to add a bunch of new features, including secondary roads and starting points for riding in the other direction, from right to left. DLC So Void Riders has the difficult task of expanding the field of possibilities on this side.

Vacuum riders where is he?

To enjoy the Void Riders DLC content in OlliOlli World, you must go to the “Burntock” area – the third in the game – and complete the “Route 666” mission. From there, a UFO will crash into the nearby desert. This will be the starting point for your new skateboarding adventure.

on another planet

So we start with the most important, the new gameplay. Or rather Grandma! In void riders, Oli Ole Welcomes “Rayons Tracteurs”Rays of energy allow your skater to gain height. To activate their precious power, it is necessary to do a snatch when you cross their light (technology puzzles). The hero will then gain height without losing combo/speed. In other words, it is quite possible to relate the lunar cycles to this mechanism. Very good point. Especially since the grip is based on the right stick while 90% of the tricks are on the left stick. Concretely, the whole thing leads to interesting interactions thanks to the core gameplay that is always excellent.

And besides, the tractor rays do not come out of nowhere. Because yes, in Void Riders, aliens have invaded the lands of Radlandia in search of skate experts. During levels, it’s not uncommon to see them sucking up a whole bunch of stuff, forcing you to Make a path as debris floats in the air. A welcome detail that obviously does not disturb the composition but brings a massive breath of fresh air. Thus, certain levels of Void Riders frankly succeed, particularly the final regions that set the scene on the planet of aliens. We won’t tell you further, but we’ve got into the art direction of the place (hello Morbius fans) with the added bonus of some good design ideas. Same for the new characters, who are always original, funny and colorful.

First Elementary World Passengers in the Void Realm – Unidentified Flying Objects Session (Gameplay)

From weightlessness to collapse

While we’re talking about levels, know that Void Riders has 18 levels including 4 “bosses”Like what the main adventure offers. As usual, standard courses are validated once you cross the finish line, with challenges completed on your way to earning something to customize your avatar (70 new items are included). Courses that are not all mandatory to advance in the story, again such as the basic ole realm. But this is not the case with the bosses, who will put you through four very difficult challenges due to the lack of a checkpoint. So yeah, testing never hurts, but twice – a race against an alien and the grand finale – the game’s fun gave way to frustration due to the demanding level design. You have to stick with everything: these levels are mandatory.

Overall, these bad times spoil the party a bit. For even if I should have the pleasure of finding a primordial realm, whose senses and speed are still delightful, We wouldn’t say no to more content. Especially since Void levels aren’t built into the Gnarvana Portal, a system that creates laps when driving, the adventure is completed in about two hours in a straight line (100% multiplier). To be satiated, we will have to wait for the second addition of OlliOlli World which does not have a release date at the moment. But be patient, let us not spoil our happiness. Void Riders is more than fun DLC. Prepared? ready? Ski!

OlliOlli World Void Riders: Cosmic Skateboarding DLC?OlliOlli World Void Riders: Cosmic Skateboarding DLC?


strength point

  • This game is still going strong
  • Tractor beam, good idea
  • Some levels are very good
  • The universe is always far apart

Weak points

  • Really frustrating sometimes
  • lack of content

Despite having two mandatory levels with a bit too much difficulty and a slight lack of content, Void Riders is a solid addition to the colorful and still crazy world of OlliOlli World. It’s simple, the gameplay is still equally solid, and it’s a pleasure to see the new features come to decorate it. Basic game lovers, you can go there!

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