Summer Sale 2022: PC, Smartphone, TV… The best live shows!

Live broadcast Summer Sale 2022: PC, Smartphone, TV… The best live shows!

The first week of summer 2022 sales is coming to a close and we can tell he’s been trying. Almost every day, there was something he had never heard of. Many online selling sites are waging a real price war, with highly desirable tech stuff like smartphones, SSDs, or 4K TVs hitting crazy prices…in short, we’re enjoying ourselves. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the best deals for Monday, June 27, follow this live update as soon as we spot a great deal!

The first week of summer 2022 sales was full of strong offers

This year, the summer sale takes place from May 22 to July 19, 2022, i.e. 4 weeks. No trader can start early or finish later, it’s not Black Friday here, it’s the law that defines the limits of the process.

This legal framework is also put in place to benefit us as consumers. The principle of stocks is to sell the end stock of a group of products to make room for novelty, even by selling at a loss.

A direct consequence of this situation is that the best sales promotions never last long, as stocks can quickly run out. So it is necessary to speed up a bit when a beautiful business like the one listed below is in progress.

  • OLED TV: LG 55 C1 comes to €929, an exceptional price seen for the best 4K TV of 2021
  • The price of the Samsung 980 Pro SSD with a heatsink is less than 160 euros in its 1 TB version!
  • Xbox Series X is finally available at its regular price and not bundled with other accessories!
  • Lenovo Legion 5 loses 500 euros and has an RTX 3060!
  • RTX 3080 is on sale for less than launch price at Cybertek
  • The Lamborghini Sián made in LEGO is as incredible a price as a car!
  • Buy Zelda Skyward Sword on Nintendo Switch for €29 instead of €32 at Cdiscount
  • Buy the most zen LEGO game: Bonsai offer at €34 instead of €49 on Amazon
  • Buy a WD_Black SN850 SSD at €160 instead of €180 and increase your PS5 storage space by 1TB.
  • Buy the 27-inch Odyssey G7 for €472 instead of €649 on Amazon

Smartphones, connected watches, wireless headphones, home automation… the best discounts on technology together

The world of technology is moving at full speed. Hence “technology” is a word with a very broad meaning. When we talk about screen technology, it has nothing to do with data storage technology, for example. However, everything is found behind the same “high-tech” mantra.

As dedicated journalists, we closely follow the news of all these diverse sectors as they come. After that, we try to pass on our knowledge to you, to circulate and benefit from it.

One of the most basic and most realistic ways to benefit from this outside expertise is simply by taking advice on what to buy and at what price. Our teams know the main products in the technology world, and follow the evolution of price curves.

So, during the sale, we know how to discover the best deals offered everywhere on the web. Everything is moving very fast and we do our best to update all items related to the sale as frequently as possible.

If a promotion is marked here, you can trust it.

Electric bikes, electric scooters, mopeds… the best offers in urban mobility are there!

Between rising gasoline prices, cities that are increasingly crowded, or even in the midst of a transition between fully pedestrian crossings and others, we can say that it is increasingly difficult to navigate.

But the new means used in the context of urban mobility are becoming more democratic and acquiring more and more people. Electric bikes, mopeds, and mopeds, you now have the option of commuting cheaply and at your own speed.

But investing in this type of transportation can be very expensive, so it is a good idea to turn to this topic at the time of sale.

This is where we come in by offering the best offerings to be found right now in the urban mobility space. For all budgets and according to your needs, you will be able to find what you are looking for in our selection!

In addition to sorting by product types, we also write several articles dedicated to certain merchants.

You don’t see a trace of any partnership at all. Just because we pick the best deals from Amazon sales doesn’t mean Amazon gives us money. Even if one of the means of survival of the site is in the affiliate links, this does not obligate us to anything special with regard to trademarks.

As a result, if we write a special selection from Amazon, for example, it will be over and over again with the goal of simplifying your life. Some people associate with certain e-commerce sites (because they have a loyalty account, out of trust, out of habit…), and these people are the ones we address ourselves first of all.

Finally, all of these choices are only there as categories, filters to apply to your searches.

JVTECH has its own editorial line, separate from the pure video game journalists who generally run JV. However, even if we talk about very diverse topics, we still have a very special connection to the gaming world, as you can imagine.

Technology and video games have always been closely related topics. Thus, our sales picks will also be interested in games and accessories for the three consoles of this generation: Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series and PS5.

Best, we also talk a lot about PC gaming related topics. Thus, promotions about SSDs, graphics cards, computer gaming monitors and even gaming chairs are part of our editorial line.

After the major crises, the video game market is once again becoming more permissive. Sales put the final blow and we end up with absolutely fantastic promotions, even on graphics cards and the PS5 universe.

List of sites participating in the summer 2022 sale on the French network

  • Fnak : Influencing culture and high-tech, Fnac is more than just a key player for these summer sales!
  • Dart : Being single with Fnac since their merger, Darty is a prime location not to be overlooked during the cuts! Indeed, both in household appliances and in high-tech, Darty is very impressive with her performances!
  • Cdiscount : We’re sure of one thing, sales are making a buzz at Cdiscount. As part of the top third of French websites on the internet, Cdiscount has this under the hood.
  • Shopping Street : Founder of French Days and involved in sales every year, Rue du Commerce is a merchant site that shouldn’t be neglected and you’ll be able to make great transactions there!
  • leclerc : E.Leclerc is not only known for its food, but it is also a leading player in high-tech goods. Thus a site not to be missed for this summer sale of 2022.
  • Baker : The Boulanger catalog is not only about large household appliances. In fact, we find it in this flagship in the sale of smartphones, computers, televisions, etc. which are often offered at very competitive prices.
  • Amazon : The leading online sales company is at the forefront of these summer sales of 2022!

Summer 2022 Sales: Instructions

What is the date of the summer 2022 discounts on the Internet?

Summer 2022 sales start Wednesday, June 22nd and end Tuesday, July 19th. Thus, the summer sale will allow you to take advantage of many discounts, promotions, rebates and discounted prices for 4 weeks.

How much discount can we get during the Summer Sale 2022?

Summer Sales can offer discounts of up to -70% on some products and equipment! On average, there are promotions in the range from 20 to 40%. Now is a great time to save money! Plus, if you have coupons aside, there are ways to make deep price cuts on your favorite products during the 2022 summer sale.

What stores will participate in the summer 2022 sales?

The most famous brands are involved. And so we find AmazonAnd the CdiscountAnd the FnakAnd the DartAnd the BakerAnd the Micromania ZingAnd the cultureAnd the leclercAnd the orangeAnd the Red by SFRAnd the Shopping StreetAnd the SFRAnd the Audio and videoAnd the zafi… thus you will have the advantage of choice and will be able to take advantage of many promotions and discounts at all these merchants for summer sales of 2022.

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