This week’s 6 indie games (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, One) are not to be missed

game news This week’s 6 indie games (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, One) are not to be missed

Today is Monday. So it’s time for the editorial staff at JV to give a little overview of the upcoming indie games this week. Between the indie juggernaut Cuphead’s DLC and the Nintendo Switch arrival of the latest game from the creator of The Binding of Isaac, there are big names, but also smaller, more modest experiences.

Phobia – St. Dinfinna Hotel

Do you know the history of the Hotel St. Dvinna? This esteemed institution had a fairly good reputation… at least until it became a gruesome spectacle for a series of disappearances and strange paranormal phenomena. Since then, it has been abandoned and shunned by the inhabitants of Treze Trilha like the plague. Now that you know what’s going on there, your curiosity as a journalist leaves you no choice: You have to go to this old hotel and find out what is behind all this history. Of course, this whole affair is more complicated and sordid than it looks. Besides having a kinda weird camera and a really unfriendly fanatic sect, pay attention to your poor little heart (and body). Horror and death are not far away in Phobia – Hotel St. Davina. The demo is already available, if you dare.

  • Release date: 06/28/2022 the computer PS5 Xbox Series PS4 One

The legend of Bombo

We no longer offer Edmund McMillen, creator of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac in particular. In November 2019, he presented us, as a true master of indie, an RPG puzzle just like his predecessors: The legend of Boom Boo. This week, the title kicks off on consoles of all stripes. As a reminder, you play as Bum-bo, a special little creature who faces his enemies in a more special way: by aligning four identical elements. Each defeated enemy allows you to get coins, which allows you to improve your spells in the casino and then return to battle and so on. eBetween Match-4 and roguelite (as well as some deck building elements), The Legend of Bum-bo offers a somewhat atypical experience that has bothered some and euphoricized others. Console players will soon be able to choose their side.

  • Release date: 06/29/2022 converts

hook 2

Who said you have to have a lot to produce a good game? There is a whole host of games that aim to put simplicity at the heart of their experience. This is especially the case for the nicknames Maciej Targoni who made Jigsaw puzzle reduce its brand. In January 2015, he introduced us to Hawk, a tiny little game that’s meant to be as discreet as it is comfortable. Over 60 levels, the title was able to seduce, as evidenced by the more than 7,000 reviews submitted on Steam and they were generally positive. Seven years later, the developer is back in charge with the Hook 2. As with the first opus, the goal is to raise your mind a bit to remove all the hooks on the screen. If the principle remains the same, Hook 2 offers a little more depth with a pure 2D projection. Note that the demo is already available on Steam if the concept interests you.

  • Release date: 06/30/2022 the computer

Al-Alath: Heroes of the Four Kingdoms

An RPG by Gamera Interactive that is well known to gamers. It must be said that over the years he has managed to find a place for himself at the E3 (and non-E3) conferences. Recently, it was during the Guerilla Group Show that we saw it again. In addition to the new photos, Aloath – the four heroes of the kingdom She offered herself, on this occasion, a launch date for her early access. Players will be able to discover it This RPG is inspired by big names like Baldur’s Gate and Pillars of Eternity from this week. Whether you are an orc, man, elf or elf at heart, you will be able to let your courage and strength speak in order to defeat the demonic forces unleashed by the god Aloth. In the program: demanding battles, a dark medieval world, a frantic pace and alliance options that can determine your destiny well.

  • Release date: 06/30/2022 the computer

Cuphead: The last delicious course

Cuphead: The last delicious course Finally on your screens. And that’s fine because players who enjoyed the dynamic and retro atmosphere of Cuphead are starting to lose patience. Admittedly, the Cuphead Show made it easier for some to swallow its many deferment pills, but the latter certainly didn’t come close to the title that quickly became an indie catalog classic. Good news, the DLC is finally here to be released and there is no delay in sight. You’ll soon be able to discover an all-new Watercolor Island alongside Mugman, Cuphead, and Mrs. Challis. To help the latter, she embarks on a new adventure with a series of bosses to drive them out. In addition to the mechanics of Mrs. Challis, there is no big news in sight, but always the same perfection on the side of the MDHR studio that gives us an island richer and more functional than ever before.

  • Release date: 06/30/2022 the computer converts PS4 One

almost floor

A little less than a year after its release on PC, the dreaded Potata point of click lands on all consoles. You will be able to discover the adventures of Alex and/or Detective Adam Trust through an adventure that combines investigation and horror. Everything happens in strange house number 9 and there’s a good chance you won’t come out unscathed. If Detective Adam Trust is there to investigate, Alex is in a very tragic situation. He, for some seemingly unknown reason, is stuck in this famous house. In an attempt to get out of it, he will have to face the monsters that inhabit him, but also determine the fate of the poor souls who live there. Note that the demo (almost My Floor: Prologue) is available on Steam if the game interests you. Almost my floor It has also received very positive reviews on the Valve platform.

  • Release date: 07/01/2022 PS5 Xbox Series converts PS4 One

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