“What good is good crafting if you end up being punished for good crafting?”

In his latest podcast, Draymond Green It took about forty minutes to break up several journalists, before ending with a more interesting point. After the Warriors qualified for the NBA Finals, there was so much criticism that given their massive salaries, which would cost them the biggest luxury tax bill in history, they somehow bought the title. This is the response, again very interesting, from Green.

“After match five Brian Windhorst said it was a win because of our wallet, the Warriors bought that win. I don’t have a problem with Brian Windhorst, but I do have a problem with that statement and the reason I have that statement is that it is very contradictory to what has been said. I have said the contract Given to Klay Thompson (who was extended right after his first injury) due to his injury it was a very bad idea on Joe Lacob’s part and that he should have been paid less and blah blah blah blah.Then when Andrew Wiggins joined the team we took back a bad contract because it was zero, And so-and-so. I also said I’m blushing. They are the 4 best paid players and you’ve had a problem with each contract, but now that we’ve won, that’s no longer a problem, the problem now is that we bought the win. How is that possible when you all had a problem with each of those contracts? , which was bad for you. How did we buy that title then? When you said this team was pathetic and would never win. I find it confusing and you have to give credit to Joe Lacope. We had the biggest payroll in the NBA, and that’s because in Much of it is that we crafted Good and our front office did a great job and they built the best business when we all knew that in 2011 when they “bought the team it was not like that at all. They have built an incredible job. Then they drafted well and congratulated Bob Myers, the man who didn’t even get a single vote for Executive Director of the Year Cup. He didn’t get a single vote because you all said this team would never do anything again. The guy who put this list together didn’t get a single vote for the Leader of the Year trophy. It’s not a tackle against whoever gets the trophy. You were saying about this guy who won the title and put this list together that he did, but how the hell can you say now that we bought that title when this team wasn’t holding up? I am confused.

For the warrior, it is clear that it is necessary to change the welfare tax system for the players drafted by the team.

We have the biggest payroll and we have to give credit to Joe Lacope, who isn’t afraid to spend money. Then there is something else that shocks me. In Warriors, Steve Curry has been around for 13 years and has been drafted. Klay Thompson spent 11 years there and was recruited. I was drafted 10 years ago. Wiggins, we didn’t sign him, it was a trade. James Wiseman we recruited. Jonathan Cominga was drafted. Kevin Looney we formulated. The fact that we pay me the same taxes as the teams that bought their team is crazy. Of course you can bypass the luxury tax if you have the rights to the birds, but the fact that we recruited all these guys – and necessarily payroll increases when you’re successful – but why would it be the same tax for someone who just went there and signed all of their players through free agency and didn’t pull out with them. I don’t understand why we are being penalized for good wording. Punishing you for good wording makes no sense to me. Because then what is the motivation for good crafting and keeping your buddies? The best example of this is Kevin Looney who is a free agent. You recruited him at number 30 and you will be penalized for being able to re-sign him. It makes no sense to me. We signed Gary Payton II when no one wanted him, and he wasn’t recruited. So I understood that there was a penalty for him, for Otto Porter Jr., Nemanja Bilica and Andre Iguodala, who were free agents. There are penalties that I understand. But for men like me and the men we recruited, I don’t understand why there are the same penalties.

It’s hard not to think of the OKC who have all these draft picks and who might only be able to keep two or three players because if those players become good, it’s going to cost them a lot of money. But they recruited these guys, so it baffles me that it works that way. […] We have to look at this during the next collective agreement. »

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