Concerts, gym, tap dance, theater… The festival committee is relaunching Sanseri under the canvas for a summer full of music

She’s back for a few days. The Sancerre Festival Committee has extended the New Place board again, as it was before the pandemic, and is relaunching Sancerre under the canvas, with a number of concerts and events, throughout the summer.

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“It starts again, after two years of hiatus, rejoices Jean-Marc Colas, president of the association. Last year, we still organize Anim’été, with several collections, but there was no canvas … However, he dresses up the place, and gives him A festive side.This year, a lot of people got impatient and told us “We have to go up?!” »

The focus is on the typical music of the region

Sancerre Under the Cloth is about music first and foremost. In July and August, dozens of musical formations will follow each other. While pop, rock, and jazz are on the calendar, the focus has been on regional traditions. La Sabotée Sancerroise will come twice, in July and August, as the arrival dates of the Viguenets, Morogues, Char-en-tez, Fussy and Marivole Duo from Ménétréol-sous-Sancerre are added.

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“We are committed to presenting a variety of musical styles, but it is important to highlight the music of the region, stresses Jean-Marc Colas. This is an added advantage of welcoming tourists who come to visit Sancerrois. Thus they can see and hear something special in the region.”
Summer activities are also interspersed: a gym, a tap dance, an improvement theater… Like last year, the barrel chappada will be roaming the streets in July.

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I received many calls. The city has a bad reputation.

“There are meetings every week,” Jean-Marc Colas asserts. However, the calendar was not completely filled out. And “there may be other groups in addition,” the head of the festival committee determines.

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Especially since the program, as he assures us, is very popular with musicians: “This year, I have received many calls from groups, even from very distant places, from Lyon or Nantes, for example, who wanted to come and play in Sanseri, on the occasion of their tours “They talk to each other. Of course, we cannot respond favorably to everyone, because it comes at a price. But the city has a good reputation.”

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