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While the new Formula 1 season presents us with a duel between the Red Bull and Ferrari teams, the advantage of the former and EA Sports and Codemasters chose July for the release of the annual iteration of the World Championship. F1 22 is no longer a revolution, but it does welcome modifications to the multiplayer aspect of licensing. Enough to fully convince?

Change the title for a fresh start? The Codemasters saga, which was purchased from the release by EA Sports two seasons ago, has decided to improve its title (not F1 2022 to follow previous games, but F1 22) but not its formula. Fortunately, as well The license was able to easily accommodate the new audience of Formula 1, often invaded by the popular Netflix series Drive to Survive. So this year the challenge has emerged more than ever with F1 2021 without a raise last season: being able to keep the flame alive among regular players of this type. And with a few clever little tweaks, this is a successful bet.

Test conditions, without judgment VR

This test is currently for the next generation version of the title (PS5 and Xbox Series X) and not the PC version. Important clarification because the PC version includes VR compatibility (with Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift VR headsets).

Miami hole

Whoever says the new season of the Formula 1 World Championship, often says new circuits and tracks. This is already the case this season, with a comeback several times after Covid-related cancellations (Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore) but which has upset us several times (Qatar, Portugal…). We wanted to be able to get the big prizes in previous seasons, but it’s obviously a long season with 22 rounds and that Codemasters respected mods of certain routes (Spain, Australia, Abu Dhabi) and above all added the brand new circuit for Miami from the start.. The latter bypasses the giant Hard Rock Stadium and offers an intermediate difficulty that we estimated in the race, a little less difficult than Baku, and a little more than Yas Marina to give an idea to the extremes. With Miami-Austin and Imola-Monza, the United States joins Italy in the nations most represented in the 22 districts of authorship, all written very faithfully.

A new start for the stops

New victory animations are on the menu

Modeling the same as the official pilots. All 20 World Championship holders without exception are perfectly designed. And even if the rare times we get to see are the moments in the pits or during celebrations, it has to be said that this gives a lot of character to the title, especially as Formula 2 (lower class) drivers including Frenchman Theo Borshire are also graphically elegant. There are 9 historical drivers in the game as well (can be used in My Team mode if you took the bonus content) including Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Webber, Massa or even Jacques Villeneuve, also commenting on races with Julien Fébreau when you’re not Not Jean-Eric Vergne.

The new rules announced by the FIA ​​did not exist in the previous composition, and this is the case this season with the physics being reworked at the tire level. Fans of the saga will feel the difference, but will complain about the absence of anxiety that has affected several teams this season: Pig defectCar bouncing back and forth. We would have appreciated the winking, but this omission is not hidden The studio’s efforts to bring the gameplay to life. looked b Repair a pit stop in the race. You now have to press the bottom button (cross on PS5, A on Xbox) at the right time so that the stops are shorter to get back on track quickly after changing tires or correcting a technical issue. If there is always a bit of randomness in the stopping speed and if it depends on the strength of the team then it is a more attractive idea not to forget that the animations for the technicians have been reworked.

Besides, it is possible when selecting the option to participate in the formation tournament (before the official start) without going beyond your opponent in front of you and choosing your position on the grid. On the side to be aggressive and superior, towards the first corner if you want to defend your position… Another clever addition besides sprint races. This is a race that takes place over a limited period of time, the starting order of which is determined by a classic qualifying session, to determine the starting grid for the next big race as well as award points for the most efficient. In three laps overall, after qualifying races in Austria, Italy (Imola) and Brazil as planned for the real world championship, but F1 22 offers the possibility of doing sprints for other Grands Prix. A godsend for online tournament organizers. The latter will happily understand that this new composition is undoubtedly the best in terms of gameplay possibilities to participate in the most beautiful battles.

Living my life in a super car

Unfortunately, F1 retains some annoying downsides, such as presence Very stingy in racing accidents. Still seeing two computer-controlled opponents collide is as rare as ever, as give-ups are a shame. The safety car (the car that regulates the race speed in the event of an accident) appears during post-race idling, so the novelty announced by EA and Codemasters is a bit limited, it’s a shame. Speaking of safety cars, these cars in F1 22 can be controlled via various events to gain reputation in Career or My Team modes, and even in dedicated single mode. Single-seaters are no longer the only car in the game, and now you can collect medals by performing challenges (slips, duels, time trials) at the wheel of several large cars (Mercedes AMG GT, McLaren 720S…).

F1 22: Best video game at the top, like Verstappen and Leclerc?

Like other EA Sports games, you can buy virtual currency

These cars are even unlockable with Supercars tokens, which are obtained by completing fairly simple challenges during F1 races. But what does it serve? This is where we come to F1 Life, which is not a new mode, but a new license space. Each player has a driver’s residence, with a customizable living room (parquet, sofa, painting, library…) as well as adding their own supercars to the heart of their residence. He can then invite friends to enjoy the different vehicles, take advantage of the virtual showroom to learn more about the individual seats in the game, watch replays… but also customize his outfit by unlocking cosmetic items via the Podium Pass (the combat system goes through completing challenges) or Via the store and virtual currency. A novelty really made for EA Sports, which didn’t necessarily convince us : Supercars are very easy to get, and that makes a big impression that you’re an excuse to heat up a credit card.

Too superficial part to distinguish identity From the title, which does not offer a script mode this season, after the Breaking Point portion of F1 2021. Absence due to choosing to present only one adventure every two years. So we will wait for F1 23 in the hope of a name worthy of that name, but also with more depth in Career and Team modes, always on top, but unchanged from the last title except for gameplay rewards and Supercars events.

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strength point

  • Full functional and stable modes…
  • …with Supercars player play and events
  • Flawless driving and feeling
  • Configurable according to game level
  • New rules and enemy races in the menu
  • The 2022 circuits are highly secured and updated
  • Successful New Hole Entry System
  • Compatible with VR on PC

Weak points

  • The F1 Life part is too shallow to release
  • Too few technical issues and AI abandonment
  • Low frames per second during cutting operations
  • We expect more major modes
  • There is no story mode with this season’s script

With the second startup on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the F1 22 put some oil in its engine. More animations during festivities and on the track as the Safety Car arrives at the race, adding events with Supercars to drive and lower FPS during less important scenes than in 2021, the status of the latest generation of consoles finally. Codemasters has succeeded in setting this new title as a reference for multiplayer gaming with tweaking new rules, adding sprint races, and a new entry system. We’ll complain about F1 Life’s very shallow space and lack of content inspiration, but F1 22 is well worth it for new motorsports fans and enthusiasts of multiplayer.

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