Haotong Li’s stunning victory in the play-off, Romain Langasque finished fifth

At the end of a period of suspense after an impressive showdown with Belgium’s Thomas Peters, China’s Haotong Li won the 2022 BMW International Open on the first playoff hole. He came back to win the DP World Tour after 4 years and 149 days of starvation. Romain Langasque, the best French player, finished fifth in the tournament with a time of -17 (271) ahead of Frédéric Lacroix, ten with a time of -15 (273).


Captivating touch! In the lead at the beginning of this fourth and final lap of BMW International OpenAnd the Huatong Li He finally won his first playoff against his main opponent, the Belgian Thomas Peters. But God was hard on the Chinese!

With a three-point lead over his playing partner, Thomas Peters, in this final match (-20 vs -17), Haotong Li was very scared despite a very strong start with three successful birds in the first five holes.

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Then his five-point lead over the Belgian left him a clear path to a third European Tour victory. But we know that in sports, and especially in golf, as long as the ball doesn’t reach its end goal, anything can happen.

Alternating with full-on and other more fluid encounters, the Shanghai native slowly but surely saw Fleming return in his rearview mirror, victorious in January at First Rolex Series Abu Dhabi from season DP World Tour.

Four bogeys for one bird between holes 6 and 15 for Li against four birds and one foul for Peters at the same time. The two men found themselves tied up at -20 o’clock on the green side of the 15th which would have been the main witness to a thunderous turn of events.

In the absence of an equaliser, the Chinese would have nurtured the ball into the title for a stealth attempt. After a few minutes of questioning and the arrival of the verdict, it was finally decided that Li would not get an extra penalty point.

In a game-playing version now in stroke play format, the duo went to -21 on day 16 and then Lee advanced at -22 at 17 before Peters responded with a seventh bird and finally on par 5 on 18. Playoff!

We think the Belgian is very close to celebrating a seventh win on the European Tour, finding himself third on goal 18 less than four meters from the goal, while his opponent, having missed a shot completely near aqua play behind the flag swinging for him, misses. The ball is more than eight meters from the hole, on the second plateau below.

But miraculously, his beating back, controlled by remote superior minds, ended up in the hole. Birdie! Spilled cute cream clearly mentally injure Thomas Peters, who sees his shot pass to the right of the goal.

After 4 years and 149 days of starvation, Haotong Li is back to success on the European Tour, having led the tournament from start to finish thanks to Thursday’s shooting at 62 (-10) without the slightest foul.

I can’t describe how I feel right now, at this momentabout to cry, winner. Ten months ago, I was considering quitting high-level golf. And look at where I am today… I didn’t know if I could win this playoff. I kept saying to myself in my heart: “hang on”! I just wanted to give my best. This is what finally happened… »

Roman Langask, his racket abandoned him

in the shot to win (he was tied for the lead after Lee Ghost at 15), Ryan Foxonce again, gave himself a third place at -20 (268), his fourth best 3 after his victory in Ras Al Khaimah Classic On February 13 and his second place in Soudal is open and on Dutch Open. The New Zealander remains attached more strongly than ever to his seventh place in the European Tour Arrangement.

A 69(-3) author is frustrated by a racket that has remained cold almost all day, Roman Langask However, he signs for the excellent fifth place at -17 (271) accompanied by the Spaniard Pablo Larzabal and German Nikolai von Dillingshausen. This is his best result in 2022 on the DP World Tour, and he remains in the Top 10 Excellent Players (7 in Scandinavian mixed) on June 12.

A Breath of Fresh Air by Fred Lacroix

The end of the tournament also radiant for Frederic Lacroix, has been lacking convincing results for several months now. player saint laurent team, 66 (-6) today and thus ranks tenth at -15 (273). A real breath of fresh air for those who finished on November 28th in Joburg is openThe tournament has been reduced to two rounds due to the epidemic linked to the Omicron virus.

Still in the Tricolor Clan, follow Antoine Rosner (from the fifteenth to the -13th), Mike Lorenzo Vera (32 in -10) and Victor Perezonly 53 at -7 after 75 (+3) from today…


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