“It’s been five years since I’ve been

Three holes from the end of these qualifications (On four different locations and 16 in-play places forBritish Open in St Andrews)And the Pierre Benothe only French driver, was still co-lead at -3 with the Irish Ronan Mularney. Then a ghost and especially the trio ghost that was recognized turned this beautiful day into a real nightmare. He ended up in … 19th place, on +1. Awesome ending!

In what state of mind are you after only hours of these 150th Open regional qualifications in history?
Difficult ! This was my first time participating in these qualifications. It’s been five years since I played on the links. Last time, I was still an amateur. On the Alpine Tour, where I play at the moment, we don’t play on that kind of course. I arrived yesterday (in England). I had an angina pectoris. I almost didn’t bring. I spent the night before in the hospital, so I’m happy with the way I played… It wasn’t the way I wanted in the end but I’m very happy.

What was your goal when you started on Tuesday, June 28th in this 36-hole marathon?
I didn’t want to know what I deserved compared to the other players in these qualifiers. I had a great day, played very well… No, really, I came here to qualify. So I’m very disappointed knowing that four holes from the end, I had a The Open ticket.

I was not afraid. Hands were not trembling.

Specifically, were you aware of your position in relation to the field? Were there boards in the lead at certain points of the course?
Yes, I saw some little leaderboards…but I didn’t get scared. Hands were not trembling. Because I knew I was in good shape, I tried to make the jockey which is something I don’t know how to do…Usually, I hit the driver all over the place. There, I was somewhere against my nature. I wanted to play it too safe. Whereas if I keep doing what I’ve been doing since the beginning…

Do you blame yourself for adopting this strategy in these last loopholes?
Yes, of course. Then I’m young. But the track was tough, there was a lot of wind… It could have gone either way. And it turns out badly… at the beginning of the last hole (one with 4)I look at the leaderboard and see that I have to face a bird to pass or else the playoff will be in 6th for 1 place. Suddenly, she hit the driver and lost the ball. But I have to bend the story before that last hole.

Tell us about your day. Complete the first 18 holes with 70 solids (-2). You are then 6th place and more anxious than ever one of the 4 places in play at The Open…
Between the two turns, I ate a 50cm leaderboard and knew very well where I was. I knew that by doing the same thing in the afternoon, it would pass. With more winds in the afternoon, even -1 may be enough. I was not mistaken. But at that moment, I didn’t think about it because, like I said, the track is very difficult, and the playing conditions are not easy with such winds… It’s not like we’re in France where we already know how the game is going. There, there are bunkers everywhere, you can fall in the middle of the waterway and see your ball slide into bunker on the side… This second round started well, I made three birds on the nine holes in my first leg (Editor’s note, starting at 10). But there is no ecstasy in me. I know there is still a long way to go. It is a true test of golf. It was really hard the whole time…

Honestly, we were playing the British Open today on the same track, and I’m not far from the championship head.

At no time did you think it was that good…
On day 6, which was my 15th hole, I put 4m down the slope for the rate and set it to stay at -3 total. I then know that if you make three parts into the last three holes, you should. But alas, I make three throws at a height of 7 to 10 meters … And there, I got hit in the head.

Did you pick up your coach Guillaume Biaugeaud right after the call? And if so, what did he tell you?
I already called him. He told me he was very proud. That I was on top of the championship, that it was my first qualification, that I was young… He told me we had to keep that in the future because I have a championship in two days in Saint-Omer. (Hauts de France-Pas de Calais Golf Open). This is also why I chose to do these qualifications because Prince (in you), it’s next to. It is very practical. It’s something I wanted to do. Qualify for an hour for a master, don’t miss it.

What do you finally remember from this very important day in your young career?
Like I said, you don’t have to hold back. I have to play my game to the end, even if it’s aggressive. And don’t try to become someone else. I also realize that I have pretty much the level. The party behind me was Matthew Southgate (lost in a five-man playoff). Honestly, we were playing the British Open today on the same track, and I’m not far from the championship head. In short, there are a lot of good things to take away from this experience, although I am very disappointed with the way it turned out for me.

You’re in the game to climb from the Alpine Tour to the Challenge Tour at the end of the season. How will you approach that final race knowing there are only six championships left to play?
I’m 8th in the Order of Merit…I’ve played well for two years…On the Alpine Tour things haven’t gone very well for me so far and despite everything I’m still in good shape. If luck turns soon, I know it will pay off.

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