New passive and communal gymnasium at Don Bosco School in Glen

The government of the Wallonia-Brussels Union on Thursday approved the list of priority files as part of a call for projects related to the renovation of schools. This recovery plan, led by Minister Frédéric Daerden, represents 269 million euros in subsidies that will lead to more than 400 million euros in investments for school buildings in the Wallonia-Brussels Union.

Out of more than 570 nominated schools, 149 schools were selected as ‘priority’. It accommodates a total of nearly 50,000 students. And 12 of these 149 schools are located in Mons-Bourinage. Here are the schools in the area that will be renovated thanks to this recovery plan:

in Mons

Future School in Mons. This is a project we have already mentioned on several occasions. The provincial school, so overcrowded in its current premises on Rue Etampes, has to move and pack its bags in new premises on the Grands Prés, between Rue Mélina Mercouri (where the convention center is located) and the Path of the Concern. A nursery school and an elementary school are also planned. This large project is estimated at less than 15 million euros, including 9.7 million in the form of support.

Larbor Vert School of Specialized Education in Mons. It is planned to dismantle two buildings and then partially rebuild the facility. A budget of 3.7 million has been allocated. The support amount is 2.4 million.

Sacred Heart School in Mons. It is planned to demolish a multi-purpose room and then rebuild it. A budget of 353 thousand euros was frozen, with support for 229 thousand euros.

– Institute of Saint-Luc in Mons. A building must be built to replace an old one containing a study room, dining hall, kitchen, storage rooms, toilets and changing rooms… The estimated amount of work is 3.6 million euros. A subsidy of 2.3 million is allocated by the Wallonia-Brussels Union.

Notre Dame de Messines School in Mons. It is planned to build a building with 9 classrooms and a psychological room. A sum of 175,000 euros, including 113,000 in subsidies, has been earmarked in the budget.

in Ghlin

Barigand Limauge School in Glen. As we have already explained to you, the existing infrastructure must be demolished and new ones created from the land. The value of the work is estimated at more than 5 million euros. The Wallonia-Brussels Confederation should intervene with up to 3.4 million.

The School of the Future in Glen.

Don Bosco School in Glen. The physical education room must be demolished and rebuilt with a budget of 600 thousand euros, including 389 thousand euros in subsidies.

in Jemappes

Saint-Ferdinand Institute in Jemappes. The site includes the demolition of several blocks and the reconstruction of a new building consisting of 6 classrooms, a multi-purpose room, a communal kitchen and toilets. An amount of 2.1 million euros has been allocated in the budget, of which 1.4 million are subsidized.

Work is planned at the Saint-Ferdinand Institute in Jemappes.

in hyun

Saint Joseph Day School in Hyun. The main building must be demolished and completely rebuilt. However, the neoclassical facade of the mid-19th century and the gabled dormer window of custom niche must be preserved. The budget is more than 2 million euros with 1.5 million in the form of support.

in Frameries

– The Municipal School of Sars La Breuer in Framies. Demolition as well as renovation and extension are planned. The estimated cost of the business is just over 1 million euros, with about 667 thousand euros in subsidies.

in Saint Gislan

Dufferin Congregational School in San Gislain. Ready units must be removed. New chapters will appear, and surroundings will be created. 3.1 million schemes, including 2 million in the form of subsidies.

Herbières Sequin School. It is planned to remove modules, rebuild new classes, and create curricula. The value of the work is estimated at 1.5 million euros, with support of 1 million euros.

In total, the renovations of these 12 schools represent a budget of 39 million euros, including 25 million in subsidies.

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