The first version for iPad is finally available

Capture One is more mobile. After months of suspense, the Danish publisher has just handed over a file iPad version of Capture One. This first edition focuses on categorizing and developing your shots as well cloud synchronization. The application is available by subscription at a price 5.49 euros per month.

Capture One for iPad: Photo editing becomes (a little more) mobile

A few months after the release of Capture One 22, the publisher (finally!) delivered a file iPad version for him photo editing software. A highly anticipated version by Capture One fans, the first teasers It dates back to July 2021.

This new version must be for iPad, termappeal Most Features Software for Mac and PC. Like Photoshop for iPad, the iPad app interface uses a file Stylistic icons of the “desktop” versionwhile adapting it to limitations touch screen.

The first release of Capture One for iPad focuses on Basic Tools. Thus, we find jobs Sort your photosBeside Key Editing Tools.

The app allows you to import your photos from memory card Connected to your iPad (or from your box connected via USB). But the publisher also – and above all – highlights Cloud related featureswhile syncing your photos To and from your desktop computer. A point that is strangely reminiscent of the Adobe Creative Cloud environment.

Since iOS 13, the iPad can easily import photos from the camera

The editor insists a lot on Integration between Capture One for iPad and version desktop. The idea is to “easily switch from instant editing to more complete edits in Capture One Pro on the desktop if needed,” the publisher notes in its communication.

Basic sorting and editing tools… and that’s it (for now)

Currently, the application allows you to view a file Metadata Pictures, to customize star ratingto manage Styles and presets. In terms of editing, Capture One for iPad includes various editing tools Rotate / Croprevision white balance Based on exhibitionor modify Highlightssubordinate shadowssubordinate white and the black.

It also integrates various indicators of clarity and modify Hues / Saturation / Brightness Colors, as well as a tool for revision feather (hemorrhage). Finally, it includes various tools to adjust a file sharpnessThe shadingFrom Noise reduction And the moire And surprisingly, a simulator silver grain.

Last but not leastIncludes Capture One for iPad A An essential tool for exporting your photos locally or to the cloud. The next release should focus on capturing in format contact mode (restricted). She should also add Manage masks and layers, allowing for more extensive editing. Finally, it will allow Automatic sync of photos to the cloud – This is not currently the case.

Capture One price and availability for iPad

Capture One for iPad is now available from the App Store. After a 7-day trial period, the app requires a subscription to be offered for €5.49 per month.

For registration, Capture One Pro is available as a subscription at €29 per month (or €131 per year), or with a perpetual license at €244. Let’s hope the publisher submits their mobile app to a file preferential tariff Photographers who already have a subscription to the desktop version.

Our first review of Capture One for iPad

After several months of waiting, Capture One has finally tasted the sweetness of touchscreens. The strategy adopted by the Danish publisher is strangely similar from Adobewith the same benefits… and the same restrictions.

Like Photoshop for iPad, this first version is Far from having all the features From the PC version – but that’s not the case Just a matter of timePublisher answers.

In addition, the program Only available for iPad – release point Iphone On the horizon, not to mention the universe from android. As such, we are curious to know the actual performance of the app on old tablet (The iPad Air 2, for example).

For being so, this Diversified view of photo editing ecosystem It is definitely good news. Admittedly, Adobe is still in a (largely) dominant position, but the solutions offered by the competition Don’t be shy to compareAway from this.

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