Weddings in Metaverse

For some couples, the happiest day of their lives may not happen in “real life.” They decided to organize their wedding by default. Why would you choose to say “yes” in metaverse? What do these celebrations look like?

Metaverse presents itself as a new way to organize events: professional meetings, exhibitions, concerts … and weddings. If some couples put forward an innovative concept that has many advantages, then virtual festivities have already been around for a long time and are still divisive.

Wedding at Hogwarts and Invitations at NFT

In recent months, the metaverse has often been in the news, for companies’ interest in it and its potential as a social network in the coming years. No wonder, then, that the metaverse’s first marriage has gone viral. Dinesh Sivakumar Padmavathi and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy, who live in India, decided to hold a reception in the metaverse mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has limited weddings to 100 people. They throw a small party in the real world with their loved ones, but also a virtual reception with more than 2,000 people. The metaverse is also an opportunity to let go of the decoration: the bride and groom decide to party at Hogwarts, the famous school of wizards in Harry Potter.

In a previous article I talked about using the metaverse to revive the dead. Also discussed here: “My stepfather passed away last April.The groom explained to CNN. So I created a 3D avatar that looks like him to bless me and my fiancé. This is something we can only do in the metaverse. »

However, these metaverse weddings don’t just happen to circumvent Covid-19 restrictions or to produce a loved one who has passed away. Footballer Kevin-Prince Boateng married model Valentina Fradigrada this month and threw a party at Metaverse for “Do something special for Valentina, something no one has done before”. For this, a very special place was needed: the moon. In addition, a limited number of fans can receive invitations in the NFT for $50, which is money that will be donated to the foundation set up by his wife.

Dinesh Sivakumar Padmavathi and Ganaganandhini Ramaswamy created avatars of themselves at their wedding in a world Harry Potter.

Virtual celebrations, not a new concept

When The New York Times He wrote an article about marriages in the metaverse, and criticisms quickly multiply. In fact, weddings in the virtual world are nothing new. Video game fans have been making marriage proposals and celebrations in their favorite games for over a decade, especially when it comes to MMORPGs (Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) like world of cans. In 2020, many couples also switched to the main containment game: Animal Crossing New Horizons.

This trend of video game weddings is so widespread that Licensing decided to explore this context: Final Fantasy XIV. This popular role-playing game offers a special mission since 2014 called “Eternal Bond” where a couple can invite up to 80 people to a virtual church and receive special items, including wedding rings that allow them to teleport to Earth at any time to be lovable.

But then, what’s the difference with Metaverse weddings? The first difference is simply that Covid-19 has been there, which downplays the importance of telecommuting, appetizers on Zoom and other remote events. The second is that organizing a wedding in a video game is called “geek” or even immature, because it is a game environment. On the other hand, the metaverse is positioned as a social network that is very similar to the adult world in its performance. The graphics may be boring and less pretty, but they make the event look more “natural” and mature.

Preview of the mission “Eternal Bond” in Final Fantasy XIVWhich clearly refers to marriage.

With new technologies, wedding films are evolving

For VR-loving couples who want to celebrate their wedding in a more classic way, there is a solution: wedding movies to watch with a VR headset. Many companies, including in France, have dedicated videographers to film important moments such as a speech or a first dance and send them all to the bride and groom using a virtual reality headset. If immersion is an important advantage, there is still a drawback: the fact of not being able to experience it firsthand.

Here too, uses have evolved and solutions have been found to the limitations associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. Wedding photographers and videographers are increasingly offering to broadcast the event live via a special link to send to their loved ones. A way to equip yourself with a little four and play the role of a caterpillar in real life, while sharing this moment with those who can’t come.

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