Who is Moatasem Renam, the new coach of C’Chartres Basket Masculin?

The French-Moroccan began feeling the orange ball at Ada Blois, at the age of twelve, before joining the Hope Center in Tours and then the Paris Saint-Germain Training Center for All-Inclusive Sports under Petrie. Moatasem Renam will live a modest career as a player. “Apart from some selections with the Moroccan team at the end of the 1990s with the contested African Cup of Nations in Egypt, I only developed, at the highest level, in the N2. After going through Challans and Agen in particular, I really settled in Aubenas.”

Moatasem Rynam replaces Sebastian Lambert on the bench

“He always had these fibers to train.”

While working in the city, he will distinguish himself as a coach in Ardesh, which is more famous for its chestnut production and the former (royal) silk factory than for the orange ball.

“Since I was young, I’ve always trained while playing. Even when I’m optimistic. I’ve always had those fibers. I’ve coached in all classes, from school basketball to seniors, girls and boys. In 2011, I took the lead in American Openas until 2018. During these seven years, I twice brought the club to the finalists in N2,” comments the one who will witness a historic rise. In the N1 at the end of the 2016-2017 season he was crowned the final of the French Coupe Cup (he lost to Burke). It has been ten years since the small town of Ardeche of barely 13,000 inhabitants has been waiting for it.

Two ascents at National 1

Having managed to keep USA Basket in N1 (14th in one group of 18 clubs), Rynam returned to the N2 level the following year with Pont-de-Chéruy.

“I joined this Isère club in the summer of 2018 because there was a big project to bring it to ProB by 2023. From my freshman year, we climbed to the N1 and then finished third in this tournament (2).”

This season, 2019-2020, will be cut short due to Covid-19. The Pontoise squad will be one of the only three teams that brought down Chartres, which will be banned from promotion, after the Federation suspended the championship. “Indeed, after such a successful season, I was wondering if I would stay because the means, to look up, began to decline. I still spent my second year at Pont-de-Chéruy before leaving for Lyon…”

3rd in first place with Leon SO

So, in Lyon SO, a club with a strong basketball structure, with a general manager, about sixty special partners who save 80% of the budget, Mutasim Rynam arrives. In addition, the promoted rune became a ghoul-affiliated club below President Tony Parker, who put a few balls in the SO Lyon. Once again, Rynam is going through an exceptional year, rising to the playoffs, having finished third in his group behind the two big Norman entities, Le Havre and Caen, and ahead of his future club, Chartres.

(1) Journalist, sporting director at Canal+ (1984-1998), he was president of PSG omnisports from 1992 to 1998.
(2) During the 2019-2020 season, the N1 Championship was divided into two geographical groups.

His candid biography:
Born January 27, 1979 in Montbéliard (Dobbs). Moroccan International. Previous position: Strong winger. He is married and has two children (12 and 15).
Player profession: She trained at ADA Blois, Tours (Hope Center), Paris SG (ProA hopefuls), Challans, Agen, Aubenas (N2).
Training profession: Paris SG, Challans, Agen, Aubenas (N2 then N1), Pont-de-Chéruy (N2 then N1) and Lyon SO (N1).

Jean-Andre Provost

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