Dinner for golf and business school. Metropolitan Stadium changes the test –

Text: Morgan Couturier. Stade Métropolitain is accustomed to the green rectangles, and plunge into golf courses to start their first course. About sixty students from EM Lyon were able to take advantage of the event to develop their network and find a sponsor to study.

It’s certainly in these kinds of details that the essence of rugby for the Metropolitan Stadium is felt. They used to fight the battle, the club and its boss, Nicola Trumpelso it won’t undo the few drops that cover 1time Edition of the School of Golf and Business. Mieux, il aura apporté une part d’ensoleillment à une soixantaine d’étudiants de l’EM Lyon, qui, au-delà de la participation au tournoi, ont profité de l’évènement pour développer une complicité avec un dirigeant ou un ou ‘a company.

Objective: To provide a sponsor for these students in their final year of training and to provide them with a network capable of opening doors to the professional world. All this while taking advantage of the friendly atmosphere at Golf Club de Lyon and tips Sophie Jekyll, the former French golf No. 1. But also and above all the dishes of Der Paul Beaucuse, the scene of a last dinner party. Then elected officials, students, and participants will have understood, “There is no good cooking if it is not made at first out of friendship”…

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