How do you control your computer over the phone?

Do you want to control your computer by phone or by another computer, if so, you have come to the right place to make it happen. Well, most of the time we want to control our laptop from another laptop or computer. Do you want to help your friend by connecting your computer or mobile phone to your friend’s computer?

There are many other ways to connect your computer, but this may be the safest way to securely control your computer or your friend’s computer, over the Internet or you want to transfer files from one computer to another computer or you want to view something on Another computer a computer or you want to share files with your friends and family and you can do that using a program called Team Viewer which is easy to download, install and use, you can download it by clicking here.

It is free and you can download it anywhere anytime from your mobile phone or computer, for mobile click here and you can download it on Android for any version, IOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. But make sure you have internet on your laptop, phone or device and we will show you how to control your computer with your phone or any other device.


Note: For this, you must have an internet connection, either wifi or 3G.

Control your computer by phone

So you need to download first Team viewer from the abandoned link and install it on your computer. When you install it on your computer, you have to install the same application on your mobile that you want to control, and you can download it from you play store Just type in the search bar Team viewer Then click on it and install it on your mobile phone.

level 1. See you on your mobile play store, Type Team viewer There will be many results and you can choose Team viewer for remote control When I installed it on my device like this, you can download and install it on your device.

remote control team viewer

The second step. When you install it on your device and computer, first open it on your computer and you don’t know what it looks like, but the next picture is the application design or the look on your computer.

Team viewer

Team viewer

Step 3. When this box is open, you are ready to open the connection between you and your friend or your mobile phone but how do you connect? That is why we will move to the next step of your topic today and this is the third step, in this step you will know Username and password from your computer to connect it to your mobile, so in the box just everything is written in the middle of the box something is written as Your username Like mine is 816567195 and the password below is the password for the connection between you and your mobile phone like mine is 287jjg.

Note:- Remember the password and ID you need to enter on your device, this is the only way to control your computer by phone.


Username and password

Username and password for your computer

Step 4. So now go to your mobile phone and search for Team viewer on your mobile phone and unlock it as soon as you need it Team Viewer ID While I’m sad to remember identifier From your computer, I hope you did too, so just enter it in the box and click far.

Enter the TeamViewer ID of your PC

Enter the TeamViewer ID of your PC

Step number 5. When you insert a file identifier After a few seconds, he will also need the password, because I asked for a password to connect to the computer, maybe you don’t understand why it asked for the partner password, yes, it doesn’t matter, you can enter The password where you entered a file identifier.

Here I have a screenshot of mobile using computer, now you can control your computer by phone, there are many useful options which I will show you step by step next time.

Your computer screen on your mobile phone

Screenshot using Team Viewer to control PC

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