How to play cool without overheating your console?

As temperatures rise, our bodies and game consoles undergo a decline in performance. Here are our tips for your protection and endurance.

In recent weeks, you may have been overwhelmed by the heat. If so, you may have noticed that your console or computer I had trouble keeping up with my usual pace. Idling, overheating, aircraft noise…the symptoms are well known, and they shouldn’t be taken lightly. In the end, a decrease in performance is observed It can purely and simply lead to the complete shutdown of the console. And since temperatures are likely to stay high all summer, gaming peripherals are likely to be at risk.

To protect against all these dangers, we have prepared some tips for you, This will allow you to not only maintain the state of your console, but also your. So you never have to worry about losing your PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch or PC again.

Play in a cool, well-ventilated room

This advice sounds silly, but if you have the possibility, you better not be embarrassed. We know that The internal temperature of the controller increases in relation to the ambient temperature. In such a situation, the risk of overheating doubles. If you have the luxury of being able to play in a large room or basement, the heat will dissipate even more.

Close windows and blinds

If unfortunately you can’t make use of enough space, here are solutions that come in handy in case the temperatures soar: Close the blinds and windows. During heat waves, it is especially advisable to close windows facing south and southwest, which are the times of the day when the sun is strongest.

To avoid overheating, we advise you to invest in a A pair of blackout curtains. Its thermal properties help keep rooms in your home cool, saving heating and cooling costs. and after It’s always better to play without having to mirror your screen.

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When it starts to get cold again, feel free to reopen everything! By inviting a stream of air into your home, you help cool your home and cool down your body and console temperatures.

Cool your console with a dedicated cooler

To protect against overheating, it is possible that the basic measures we described above are not sufficient to ensure the normal functioning of your console. To remedy this situation, manufacturers who used to work with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have developed cooling rackThe perfect accessory to keep your console at the perfect temperature while gaming.

Very practical and quiet, they have many power levels and can be linked to console charging stations. How to prevent overheating problems Often found in next-generation consoles – with temperatures around 70 degrees according to various tests.

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With these quiet and efficient fan mounts, your console’s performance will withstand the ambient heat.

Place the game console correctly

When buying a controller, we advise you to read the official recommendations of the manufacturer. They often give a signal to continue Ventilate the best possible in your environment. While some devices can stand both vertically and horizontally, there is a preferred position for each.

This is the case in Xbox Xbox Xwhich Microsoft prefers to put in a standing position, while the horizontal position is more suitable for Xbox S. By the same token, air passes best when it is PS4 It is placed horizontally, while the vertical stop allows a stretch PS5 to improve ventilation.

Gamers often make the mistake of getting the back of the console too close to the wall where the monitor is attached. This space is not enough to properly evacuate the leaking hot air. Heat builds up in the back and actually increases the temperature of the console. So make sure to put a safe distance between the wall and your device. The health of your console depends on it.

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