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We saw in the HP Victus Gaming 15-fa0038nf

General purpose dark laptopHP Victus Gaming 15-fa0038nf With a 15-inch HD, anti-glare display that benefits from a powerful Intel Alder Lake-H Core i5-12450H processor that speeds up multimedia processing just like the GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card capable of powering non-greedy games. Equipped with a 512GB SSD storage that enhances its responsiveness, this innovative Windows 11 gaming laptop benefits from a backlit keyboard but also connectivity with Wi-Fi ax and USB-C.

Best Known Price: €799

HP Victus Gaming 15-fa0038nf ميزات Features

screens) 15.6” Full LED 45% NTSC 250cd/m² (1920 x 1080, anti-glare/matte)
Healer Intel Core i5-12450H Alder Lake-H (2.0 GHz, 8 Cores: 4P/4E)
Installed RAM (maximum) 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR4 3200MHz (64 GB), 2 slots (occupied)
Graphics Card NVIDIA Turing GeForce GTX 1650 4GB GDDR6 Dedicated, Intel Iris Xe Integrated Processor and Optimus
storage 512 GB M.2 SSD (NVMe PCIe 3.0, TLC)
connectors 2 USB 3.0 (1 Rechargeable) + 1 USB 3.2 Type-C (Gen1), HDMI 2.1, SD
network Wi-Fi Ax (2 x 2, Mediatek Wi-Fi 6 MT7921), Bluetooth 5.2 + Gigabit Ethernet
Backlit keyboard yes
keyboard yes
Windows Hello
Sound system 2 Bang & Olufsen speakers, HP Audio Boost
The operating system Windows 11 64 bit
Declared autonomy / battery 7 h / Li-Ion 3 cells 52.5 Wph (210 g)
Weight / Dimensions (mm) 2.29 kg / 357.9 x 255 x 23.5

HP Victus Gaming 15-fa0038nf Against the competition

The HP Victus Gaming 15-fa0038nf is now available at HP France It meets many competitors in its class as it is the only one that offers such a modern processor and works on Windows 11.

If the HP Victus Gaming 15-fa0038nf doesn’t meet all of your criteria, in our gaming laptop guide you’ll find other gaming configurations on a similar budget. For the same budget, choose the model that has the most powerful graphics card, and it will have the greatest impact on performance.

Chassis, Connectors, and Display HP Victus Gaming 15-fa0038nf

Rechargeable to nearly 50% in 45 minutes, this versatile laptop has a relatively discreet look while adopting gaming icons with its dark design and angular lines.

It is equipped with a good connection consisting of 1 USB-C, wireless modules and a Wi-Fi ax (Newer and more efficient than Wi-Fi ac), Bluetooth 5.2 for connections and remote connections, and a practical HDMI video output to easily connect this computer to a TV or monitor, for example, Ethernet and audio ports, and also two USB 3.0 ports (compatible with USB 2.0) ensuring transfers up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0 if USB 3.0 peripherals are connected to it.

The backlighting solution outfits the button-keyboard in a bubble gum, a process to better distinguish its keys when ambient light is reduced.

HP Victus Gaming 15-fa0038nf

The screen adopts 16:9 format associated with Full HD resolution, which makes it suitable for high definition content such as videos. In addition, thanks to the anti-reflective treatment, the screen can also be read in a bright environment (eg outside) from the glossy panel.

Performance and autonomy for HP Victus Gaming 15-fa0038nf

The HP Victus Gaming 15-fa0038nf is an all-in-one 15-inch performance laptop geared towards creativity and gaming.

It is based on 8GB of RAM and an Intel Alder Lake-H Core i5-12450H processor with 8 hybrid cores. These are especially valuable in programs that use multicore, such as photo editing or video conversion.

In any case, this core offers good overall performance that is capable of satisfying many users, especially as it is associated with a dedicated GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card.

Just like the eight hybrid cores in the Alder Lake-H Core i5, the
The GeForce GTX 1650 will interest creators as it speeds up processing in programs that take advantage of multi-core processors, such as Adobe Photoshop or Sony Vegas.

Thanks to the GeForce GTX 1650 NVIDIA Turing, you can also immerse yourself in a lot of games if you agree with the settings within the graphics-intensive operations for good playability.

Whether it’s with the Iris Xe graphics part built into the Core i5-H Alder Lake or a dedicated GeForce GTX 1650 card, it’s of course possible to view photos and videos but also immerse yourself in modest gaming on this gaming and creativity-oriented laptop with NVIDIA Optimus technology.

In practice, Optimus automatically and in real time switches between Iris Xe and GeForce GTX 1650, depending on needs. Optimus Iris Xe is preferred as much as possible despite its more modest benefits because it consumes little power which favors autonomy compared to GeForce GTX 1650, which is more powerful and greedy.

In terms of autonomy while waiting for more full tests, bet around 5 hours of battery operation in light use.

On the storage side, there is an SSD hard drive that rivals the level of 512GB hard drives while being silent, less power consuming, more powerful and much faster.

HP Victus Gaming 15-fa0038nf

Best Known Price: €799

Concretely, an SSD ensures much better fluidity and responsiveness on a daily basis than a simple hard drive. Thus, thanks to the SSD, we get faster start / stop operations, faster processing and launching of programs / games, or even faster access to online game cards.

Of course, if 512GB is too narrow, you can use external storage. Choosing a USB 3.0 / USB-C device is an exciting solution to take advantage of fast transfers.

Finally, when it’s pushed hard (eg: treatments and games), expect the versatile laptop-oriented designs and gamers to be heard and heated up.

If you need temperature containment, you can add a ventilated support for this computer (Remember to check the dimensions carefully!).

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