Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden, is involved in the Russian prostitution trade

It’s an embarrassing case for Joe Biden. According to a conservative American tabloid, his son Hunter allegedly fueled a Russian prostitution ring. And so the democratic head of state could, without knowing it, finance the activities of the latter, who had financial problems.

The Washington Check It published an investigation on June 27, 2022, citing documents found on the hard drive of a mysterious computer believed to belong to Hunter Biden. According to the exchange of messages and the contents of files contained in the device’s data, between November 26, 2018 and March 10, 2019, Biden’s son had spent more than $30,000 on the services of escorts.

A broker named Eva

On February 27, 2019, for example, one of them, nicknamed Eva, had sent a message to the son of the current president of the United States asking him to make a regular transfer to his account linked to an email. . The person the newspaper described as his main network contact, calls him by his middle name, Robert.

In correspondence published by the tabloid, Hunter Biden reportedly told Eva that her accounts were temporarily frozen because her numerous transfers to Russian accounts were deemed suspicious by her bank. Other messages show that Hunter Biden has been demanding money around him to pay off his debts.

According to the American newspaper, most of the escorts mainly worked for UberGFE, which was presented as an “exclusive” modeling agency not listed as a US company and headquartered in Ukraine. They were introduced under the names “Jesse”, “Glinda”, “Grace”, “Darla” or even “Kirsten”.

Human Trafficking Circle Unknowingly Funded by Joe Biden

There is no document that proves that Joe Biden was aware of the purpose of his son Hunter’s expenses. His father reportedly paid him up to $100,000 to help pay his bills in between December 2018 and January 2019. Of this, $20,000 was to fund a stay in a drug treatment program in New York for which he never enrolled.

Analysis of the data will show that Joe Biden remarkably transferred $5,000 to him on January 18, 2019, when he asked Eva to bring an UberGFE escort to his chalet in Boston.

In a video posted on the site, an altercation allegedly broke out three hours later Between what appears to be Hunter Biden and the prostitute in question, more than $10,000 defaulted. In order to extend his janitorial services, Hunter Biden allegedly asked his father to send him a few thousand dollars back via a mobile app.

In 2020, Hunter Biden was the subject of a US Senate report on suspected corruption in his activities in China and Ukraine. In it, the investigative newspaper notes, it was already written: “Hunter Biden paid women citizens of Russia or other countries of Eastern Europe.” The parliamentary inquiry determines that some of these transactions are linked to what, according to the text, “appears to be a prostitution or human trafficking network in Eastern Europe”.

Hunter Biden’s computer was abandoned in the repair shop

The hard drive containing all this sensitive data is said to have come from a computer that Hunter Biden left in a Delaware repair shop in April 2019. He never recovered the device, despite calls from a technician.

Intrigued by the Beau Biden Foundation poster, which was created in honor of Joe Biden’s eldest son who died of brain cancer in 2015, the director of the repair shop reportedly called the FBI and handed the computer over to December 2019.

Before that, he would carefully make a copy of the internal hard drive, and then send it to attorney Rudy Giuliani, a confidant of Donald Trump. The first data was leaked in an article from New York Post On October 14, 2020.

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