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When Carhaix Golf opened in 2005, there were only eight avid golfers left, and then the club was limited to a caravan. Times have changed because the club now has 130 members, a third of whom are British. Activity has increased even more during the coronavirus crisis, as this “single outdoor sport” has seemed particularly appropriate in these times of the pandemic. Despite everything, the noticeable increase is unfortunately not enough to make the operation profitable. Its director, Claude Pregent, hopes to reach 200 members as quickly as possible, “because that’s what is needed to balance the accounts.”

With a terrace of 440 square meters with a wonderful view of the golf course, the new club is an undeniable asset of the club, which still hopes to increase its membership. (Telegram / Jean-Noel Putin)

Terrace with an area of ​​440 square meters

The Carhaisien Golf Club, which today has a total area of ​​17 hectares, has come a long way since its inception. Over the years, the course offered to golfers has been expanded and the golf course has started shooting all cylinders to improve its width. The final step in this journey is the latest opening of the upscale club, the lounge bar “Le 10”, which opened on Tuesday. “At the moment it is a simple bar, but it is not excluded that there will be a small restaurant after that,” points out Pierre Pregent, of Pregent Environment, owner of the place. Two employees were assigned to run the pub.

Inside, this ‘friendly and welcoming’ lounge bar has restrooms, meeting rooms and a warm and modern bar of 200 square metres. Outside, a 440 m² terrace with a wonderful view of the golf course, and a wonderful garden which the club hopes to call a “wonderful garden” in 2024. At the foot of the terrace is a mini golf course (270 m²) of nine holes that are also laid out, It reproduces “the main difficulties that can be encountered on the golf course,” according to Claude Pregent.

Lobby Bar features
The modern and comfortable “Le 10” lounge bar features an en-suite room of 200 square metres. (Telegram / Jean-Noel Putin)

“Draw attention to golf”

With such a significant improvement in its equipment, the club hopes to be able to attract more new members. “We want to use this venue to draw attention to golf. We named it ‘Le 10’ in reference to the fact that Carhaix Golf offers a nine-hole course. The tenth is here,” he explains. The president of the Brittany des Golfs Association, Jean-Luc Paulin, wants to believe that with “this improvement in equipment, Karakes will undoubtedly be able to host a regional championship by 2023-2024”.

In the gradual move to a higher level, the club is also aiming to approve its nine-hole course. “It takes about 120 meters to get there,” says the director. Currently, the first three holes are concentrated on the same Earth. The intent is to buy two plots of land around the club to reserve one plot of land for each course.”

Golf club manager, Claude Pregent joked:
“I’d love for things to go ahead, but over the years, I’ve gotten in a hurry,” said golf club manager Claude Pregent joked (here during the inauguration, this Tuesday). (Telegram / Jean-Noel Putin)

The perfect healthy sport

To try to get more people to take an interest in the specialty, amateurs have no shortage of arguments. Jean-Claude Junaud, Treasurer of the Regional Golf Commission, talks about “a perfect healthy sport. We move, we walk until two o’clock. It is a sport that takes the head and also empties the head.” Claude Pregent agrees: “In golf, you have to be focused, and that clears your mind because you get caught up in the game!”

Statements that do not contradict the president of the Federation of Brittany de Golfs, who is also a sports doctor, Jean-Luc Paulin: “It is the sport of a lifetime, because it can be practiced from childhood to an advanced age. Its effect is proven in terms of health. There are no contraindications to playing golf!”.

Particular attention was paid to the design of the garden around the club.  The goal is to get a sticker
Particular attention was paid to the design of the garden around the club. The goal is to get the “Wonderful Garden” label as soon as possible, possibly as early as 2024. (Jean-Noel Putin)


Lounge bar “Le 10”, Hyères Valley in Carhaix, open all days of the week: from Sunday to Thursday, from 10 am to 8 pm; Friday and Saturday, from 10 am to 9 pm

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