NBA: The exciting off-season we expect in the basketball world

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The 2021-2022 NBA season just ended with Stephen Curry and his gang’s fourth title since 2015. Already, highlighting the off-season, which once again promises to be exciting in the NBA. Take a look at the stories to follow over the next few days.

1. How will the Warriors defend their title next year?

With a fourth title in eight years, one could easily speak of a dynasty in the case of the Golden State Warriors. The trio of Curry, Clay Thompson and Draymond Green have once again shown that they have their place among the Immortals in the NBA.

However, The Warriors has many question marks for the upcoming campaign. Kevin Looney and Gary Payton II, key players in Steve Kerr’s squad victory, will get full independence and decent salary increases.

Golden State should also consider the 2023-2024 season, when superstars Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Paul come to order new deals.

After spending nearly $350 million on payroll and taxes in the 2021-22 season, the Warriors are nowhere near cutting back on spending.

2. How will the Lakers rebuild their team around LeBon James and Anthony Davis?

The 2021-2022 season was disastrous for the Los Angeles Lakers. When he arrived in Los Angeles, James had been in the playoffs for the last 13 seasons. In his four years in the Lakers uniform, he has already missed the Spring Ball twice.

Head coach Frank Vogel has been fired, Russell Westbrook’s trial was a huge fiasco and Anthony Davis doesn’t seem to be able to stay on the ground. Westbrook is the subject of many trade rumors and his future in Los Angeles appears uncertain.

James has another year on his contract with the Lakers and turns 38 in December. We’re betting the superstar will do everything in his power to have a team that aspires to the highest honors next year.

3. What will happen with James Harden and Kyrie Irving?

James Harden arrived in Philadelphia last February. Less than five months later, his association with the 76ers could end. Harden has an option year with a salary of $47 million next season. Will he be inclined to dismiss this and explore the market?

For Kyrie Irving, last season has been full of pitfalls. Due to his vaccination status, Irving was unable to attend most Brooklyn Nets games.

The Nets guard doesn’t seem to be on the same wavelength as Kevin Durant after all. While the duo has dominated the Eastern League for years, the meeting between Irving and LeBron James in Los Angeles no longer seems so far fetched as an idea…

4. Where will Zack Lavigne, Bradley Beal and Laline Bronson play next year?

All three of these players have an uncertain future. LaVine has just had knee surgery and will have the opportunity to sign a huge contract with the Chicago Bulls or another formation.

The Washington Wizards have had a few tough seasons in recent years. Bale is the driver of this team, but the goalkeeper may want to leave the US capital to join an ambitious team.

Bronson, at 25, is the youngest of the three and is coming off the best campaign of his career with the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban is not afraid to arrange tickets and will undoubtedly want to retain the services of his star, who will be an unrestricted free agent.

5. What direction will the NBA draft take?

It’s Thursday that the NBA draft will take place on the Brooklyn side. The Orlando Magic has the privilege of owning the first pick for the 2022 auction.

According to many observers, the first three choices should be Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgren and Paolo Banchero. However, the order in which they would be chosen was far from definite.

The top ten in the NBA draft will be full of surprises, while we count on many talented players. We’ll be watching carefully Benedict Mathurin’s Quebec, which should easily be among the top 10 picks.

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