NHL 22 GWC: Regs defeats Gren in the PS5 console final

The long-awaited clash between Regs and Gren – the world’s best players – in the console final on PS5 at the NHL GWC finally resulted in the New York Islanders representative winning by a two-to-one scoreline.

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The Regs thus earned $2,000 plus qualification for the Club Championship, the final round of the NHL GWC Championship, to be held at Taverne 1909, in Montreal, on July 6.

Green, who represents the Dallas Stars, also got his ticket to the event thanks to a second-place finish in the console finals. In fact, the two finalists from each console (Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X, and PS5) earned a spot in the Grand Final. The console finals winners, however, took home $2,000, as well as benefiting from a better standings under the club championship with a total of eight players.

In the first match between the two players, Green trailed 4-1, but managed to improve the score to 4-3 in the third game. The star actor, however, was drowned out by indiscipline, who received four minor penalties in the last six minutes of play. Regs took the opportunity to double his lead in 5 for 3 and was not looked back by the following.

Then, once the second game has started, continue with Regs where it left off. After one term, the Islanders representative was already 3-0 ahead, however, Green did not say his last word and dominated the second half by threading the needle twice to cut the difference to one goal. Then, midway through the third inning, Gren finally equalized, before making it 4-3 a few minutes later to take the lead for the first time in the game. However, the star representative received another nasty penalty kick after his fourth goal and Regus harnessed the power of play to equalize the score 4-4. Hold the final.

In the third and final match, both players applied a more defensive style of play with Green scoring the first goal of the match midway through the second half. We had to wait until the middle of the third half before we saw another goal, a Regs goal that put everyone back in square one and that simultaneously forced an extension to crown the winner in this final. Once again, Gren got a bad penalty and Regs was able to take advantage of it to finish the match and be crowned champion on PS5.

On other consoles, Geimer (Calgary Flames) and Uninsta1l (Edmonton Oilers) had a chance to replay the battle of Alberta, which the Oilers won in the final Stanley Cup playoffs. However, on virtual ice, the Flames representative was crowned the PS4 champion. Jaimer, who also eliminated Quebec Guillaume Asselin-Verault (Canadian from Montreal) during the Round of 16 of the console finals, was able to put his law to victory in two matches.

After the Battle of Alberta, it’s time for the Battle of Ontario between Polgz (Toronto Maple Leafs) and SAP Alien (Ottawa Senators) on Xbox Series X. Unsurprisingly, Polgz is the winner, a favorite on his console since the start of the competition. However, the Leafs representative needed one last match to win his series two games to one. Bulldogs already had the upper hand over his opponent in two games to zero in the previous round.

Finally, on Xbox One, Detroit Red Wings representative Jos X defeated 10 Lebanesman 69 (Minnesota Wild) in two matches. The two players also met in the previous round and Gus 10 had given the same drug to his opponent, also winning two matches.

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