PS5 Sales: Top 5 PlayStation Games Deals You Shouldn’t Miss!

It’s summer, sunny days are coming, and many are looking forward to their vacations to enjoy it. However, you have chosen the player’s path and your fate is completely different. To enjoy during this period and without breaking the budget, here are the best PS5 game deals at the best prices in the market during the sale.

PS5, out of stock but high quality games

For a year and a half, getting a PS5 has been a bit tricky. Stock is constantly running out and prices go up when sellers sell consoles to make a profit.

If you’re lucky and one of these PS5s is yours, well done. So, you’re probably looking to get high-quality, next-gen games to make the $500 (or even much more) you spent on this console profitable.

Fortunately, the balances are there and the promotions are becoming a lot of fun, even for fairly recent apps. JV is here to bring you a list of AAA games that benefit from deep discounts.

What are the best PS5 game plans for sales?

Your desire for games does not depend only on sales. This is why some of these businesses are not in the strict sense of the word but offer the best prices in the market according to our research.

Horizon: The Forbidden West, the second installment of the successful epic

With more graphical improvements, gameplay and above all a new area to explore, Horizon Forbidden West has made an exciting debut on PS5 but also PS4 and it doesn’t bother us.

As in the previous authorship, we follow the adventures of Aloy who departs to explore a new area that is still just as dangerous. With new especially deadly new bots and especially a new tribe.

Witty as ever, this sequel will always bring you that feeling of excitement and fascination. New tools are available and the western region is much larger than Zero Dawn.

If you like post-apocalyptic worlds and pseudo-adventures, Horizon Forbidden West is the rare pearl not to be missed this year.

The script remains the same, and even if Studio Guérilla has already achieved a feat in Horizon Zéro Dawn from a graphic point of view, it crosses the line with this latest composition.

On Amazon, the value of the game on PS5 drops to 57 euros during the sale.

Buy Horizon: Forbidden West at 57 € at Amazon

F1 2022, the standard for sim racing games

PS5 Sales: Top 5 PlayStation Games Deals You Shouldn't Miss!

With the second startup on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the F1 22 put some oil in its engine.

More animations during festivities and on the track as the Safety Car arrives at the race, adding events with Supercars to drive and a drop in FPS during less important scenes than in 2021, the status of the latest generation of consoles finally.

Codemasters has succeeded in making this new title a reference for multiplayer gaming with tweaking new rules, adding sprint races, and a new entry system.

We’ll complain about F1 Life’s very shallow space and lack of content inspiration, but F1 22 is well worth it for new motorsports fans and enthusiasts of multiplayer.

Currently, the F1 2022 game is available at €60 instead of €79 on Amazon.

Buy F1 2022 at €60 on Amazon

Elden Ring, the futuristic game of the year finally slashes its price

PS5 Sales: Top 5 PlayStation Games Deals You Shouldn't Miss!

With its new dimension of the open world, Elden Ring brilliantly expands upon the already highly effective formula of FromSoftware It offers spirits an ambitious and accessible spiritual supplement.

All new features converge towards this last goal: the open world allows you to arm yourself more than ever for the epic and obligatory battles that adventure has in store, Without the impression that you are just walking around the farm. And the best part is that it doesn’t compromise the sense of accomplishment that is so important to this genre. Elden Ring is a complete and mysterious experience, where curiosity is tirelessly renewed by the feeling of discovering something for the first time.

All with a sumptuous artistic direction, Make you want to get lost and explore. The title also welcomes new features that offer strategic options in combat, without betraying its requirements.

We only regret a slight lack of ambition for some of the old dungeons, as well as some of the assets and bosses being recycled. In general, an exceptional nickname.

A game of this quality struggles for the low price, so you should be satisfied with these few euros, as the price drops to 66 euros on Cdiscount.

Buy the Elden ring at €66 at Cdiscount

Spider-Man Miles Morales

PS5 Sales: Top 5 PlayStation Games Deals You Shouldn't Miss!

Classic in its construction and scenario, Breathtaking at its launch, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales blows up if not surprising. Focusing on excellent gameplay that here benefits from improvements, everyone is struggling to be persuaded in suggesting their content is too close to suggesting a 2018 game.

By itself, this is not a big deal, especially sinceHere we replace the element of surprise with a more important sense of power thanks to Miles’ new abilities.

Always fun in action system and action scenes, A little more interesting in its secret paragraphs, the title maximizes the structure of the run perfectly without trying to rearrange the elements at all.

It’s good for something that leads to Hollywood more stand-alone than ever, but it locks itself in a very traditional structure.

Buy Miles Morales PS5 at 59€ on Amazon

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, the complete story of the saga in one game

PS5 Sales: Top 5 PlayStation Games Deals You Shouldn't Miss!

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is to experience both Very family friendly and accessible. Two brilliantly identified boxes. The game is beautiful, generous, offers great sensations, and can easily satisfy all ages.

TT Games Offers Without a doubt the ultimate LEGO Star Wars experience for all fans of the series Plus the perfect entry to the galactic tiniest adventures. You can navigate through the nine movie scenarios in any order, with hundreds of playable characters.

It’s complete freedom And the lifetime of the adventure is huge, especially thanks to the many side quests. With all this content there may be a little repetition, but the cinematic and immersion in the universe you love should keep you going for hours on end.

The game is already only 42 euros now on Cdiscount.

Buy LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga at 42€ at Cdiscount

What are the best PS5 accessories to buy during the 2022 summer sale?

What Solid State Drives Are Compatible With PS5?

Not all SSDs are compatible with PS5. Sony has protected its console and its games by enforcing very specific features. Thus, only a small list of SSDs is officially compatible with the console. This list will definitely evolve:

WD_Black SN850 NVMe SSD: Our Recommendation with Heatsink for PS5 Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 SSD: Good Replacement Compatible with PS5 Seagate SSD FireCuda 530: SSD Designed for PS5 Samsung 980 Pro SSD: No heatsink, but quality Samsung Sabrent Rocket SSD 4 Plus M. 2: No heatsink, but good basic heat management

How to add an SSD on PlayStation 5?

To add an SSD to PS5, you must first check its compatibility. Next, we remove the bottom panel of the console according to the manufacturer’s instructions, open the SSD slot to put our extension there, which we fix with the provided screw. Finally, we close everything. All you have to do is allow the console in the SSD format to be ready to play. Our full video on how to install an SSD on PS5

What controllers are compatible with PS5?

Sony does not allow consoles from third-party manufacturers to be used with PlayStation 5 games. Thus, the DualSense, the official PS5 console, is currently compatible with the entire catalog of Sony’s latest console. However, PlayStation 4 controllers on the PS5 can be used to play back-compatible PS4 games with the console. Fortunately, PS4 racing wheels and PS4 sticks are compatible with the PS5.

How to connect a Bluetooth headset to PS5?

It is currently not possible to connect a Bluetooth headset to the PS5, as it is to the PS4 for that matter. To use a wireless headset, it must be equipped with a dongle compatible with the console. The PS5 controller, the Dualsense, is also equipped with a 3.5mm mini-jack headphone jack, allowing many standard headphones to be connected directly to the console.

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