The day… Michelle Wie ignited the audience at the John Deere Classic

In 2005, 15-year-old Michelle Wie was already making her third foray into the John Deere Classic Men’s Championship. If you don’t go over the limit, the teen has allowed the tournament to take on another dimension.

She had to destroy everything in her path. Breaking all LPGA records, winning multiple majors and harassing his male teammates. At the age of fifteen Michelle Wie He was in heaven before the trumpets of fame sounded.

Several failed attempts on the PGA Tour

His career, now postponed, did not achieve the expected results with only 5 professional victories including 1 US Women’s Open 2014 And many missed wounds in… men.
Nowadays, Babe Zahria He remains the last to achieve this feat on the PGA Tour. It was in 1945…

At the age of 14, she suddenly missed the opportunity to participate in the Sony Open!

Confirmed of her talent, Hawaii accepted an invitation in 2005 to participate in the John Deere Classic. She’s already tried her luck twice, at her home in Honolulu, at the Sony Open. She notably missed the cut for only one small stroke in 2004. This time, on her third attempt on the PGA Tour, she is determined to make history.

Michelle Wei starring alongside Vijay Singh Photo by Donald Meral/Getty Images North America/Getty Images via AFP

At 14, Michelle Wei plays alongside Vijay Singh at the 2004 Sony Open © Donald Miralle / Getty Images

Controversial call

As always, his arrival is not without controversy. Why a teenager hasn’t proven anything yet – it just ended anyway 2nd place in the LPGA Championship – Does she replace her male counterpart who should work? Wie has good reason: She needs to play because, due to her age, she cannot fully integrate LPGA.

Score -1 in the first round

It all starts in the best of the worlds in this Thursday 7 July 2005 When the “Women’s Record-Baby” (1 US Open amateur is 13 years old!) starts the tournament with a first round at 70, or 1 below par. When it comes in thousands, audiences first notice that the teen has swapped out her skirt (shocking!) for pants in order to comply with PGA standards. And above all, he realizes that she is not lacking in strength!

On hard level 5 out of 17, she said Even brushes eagle After he sent on his second shot, a 235m rocket on Wood 3, only 3m away from the flag! But alas, his status has not yet reached the level of his small game, he is very effective.

He put his target on his belt buckle

Wie would prove it the next day before collapsing on the last 6 holes. Confident in herself, she wears a belt purchased in France and its buckle is her favorite score of 68. American takes off at the beginning of the flight with 2 birds in three holes. And Wei even owns the pond, the size of his youthful carelessness.

At level 3 of the 12 (starting to come back), her tee shot sends her ball toward the front rows of spectators. Fortunately for her, The ball bounces off the man’s knee which will be announced later I play American football as a quarterback and I know how to keep the ball on the field “.

She’s at -4 on her way to the second round before she sinks

In fact, the ball ends up landing 12 meters from the hole. Lucky, Wie also has talent: she makes a wonderful slide in front of the audience in trance. She ends up with this picture of her turning happily ever after at the age of 18 when she gets too close to the hole with a 145 meter iron bullet… After nine holes, it goes to -4 Under the eyes of her male counterparts.

Michelle Wei is the loser first

The John Deere Classic worked: the tournament never got so many people on a Friday and so were the organizers They were forced to set up another media tent To welcome the many journalists who came to discover the phenomenon. Most are sure: we found Tigress Woods!

Unfortunately, as the future will prove, it will not live up to expectations. After a double bogey at 6 and a bogey at 7, Michelle ends evenly, 2 shots from the cut. But the experience turned out to be profitable, having accumulated experience. It will be for next year!

She tried her luck again in 2006

In 2006, after she became a professional and got several sponsorship contracts that secured her an income of 10 million dollars a year, the player returns to Illinois, to the TPC Deere Run. But it’s not the same as before, and his heroic story ends with blood sausage.

After the first +6 round, you give up in the middle of the second round due to heat and fatigue. A great benefactor of his existence, the John Deere Classic wasn’t necessarily against it…

Photo © Matthew Stockman Getty Images via AFP

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