Why the Volkswagen Golf TDi 150 is a very compact commodity in all respects

The Golf VII was hardly restyled, but she didn’t need it. It only adopts intricately lit headlights and taillights, which light up the night when you look at the car from the outside…allowing the price of a spare part to increase if you break it! It’s also packed with the now-essential security gear for a self-respecting catalog. And soon its main competitor, the Peugeot 308, will follow the same path. For the rest, nothing changes. So much the better. We are therefore pleased to find this classic accord so good in all respects. With its square, semi-geometric style, this seventh Golf isn’t necessarily different from the sixth or even the fifth. It is difficult to recognize them. fixed among the Germans.

A timeless classic of golf

But it’s what customers appreciate: a golf game is like another golf, regardless of old-fashioned. Perfectly balanced, it remains what we like it to be. The simple lines exude a rare elegance, as the tailgate design is perfectly aligned with the tailgate opening and bumper. At a time when competitors are bulging everywhere with plenty of broken lines and fake chrome, timeless golf is more stylish than ever.

Inside, we find the same classic, slightly austere. Regulars will not be disappointed. Geometric shapes allow for good accessibility. No need for convolution to happen. In addition to the real spaciousness, there is a pleasant feeling of space available thanks to the flat dashboard that does not protrude excessively! Even the vision is correct thanks to the simple shapes.

As usual in the brand’s car, its driving position and markings are easy to find, with clear settings and controls, which can be selected without complications. Congratulations to the two round counters, for the speed that is displayed almost before the eyes, and we salute the large central touch screen. The center armrest adjustable in length and height is also welcome – a rare occurrence, even Mercedes and BMW do not offer it. Everything looks good on hand. The seats are excellent. They hold the back well while molding perfectly to the back of the driver. Very comfortable.

Strict but less impressive finishing

The prevailing impression is great rigor with materials that are not always attractive, but solid, with careful anchoring. Even if we see the joints of many plastic pieces that fit together. Golf is the best compact on the market in terms of perceived quality, which will determine good aging. Even if this does not have a direct impact on reliability (number of failures). However, after competitors have made significant progress, the final effect is much less than in the past.

This time Volkswagen is adding the now trendy safety equipment. Indeed, we hated the electric parking brake that doesn’t release itself. Unless you fasten the belt. Fucking in the wargame! We also hate parking radars that squeak too early. It is impossible to involve the rear camera alone. Either it’s a camera and whistles, or nothing! And anyway, everything resets when you roll back. Fortunately, we can now adjust the volume of these sounds, as in Audi. Keeping them to a minimum, they are livable, boy! Real progress.

DSG box is a bit brutal but fast

We are aboard a modern version equipped with a multi-link rear axle, much more efficient than the basic versions. We inherit the popular 150hp TDi, which is much nicer than the small, hollow 105 TDi at low revs. Combined with our test vehicle with the well-known dual-clutch gearbox “DSG” (1610 euros as an option), the mechanical assembly is very satisfactory. We are now entitled to a seven-speed gearbox (instead of 6). The diesel is still noisy, but so is its liveliness and accuracy as well as box speed. Too bad: in the “S” position, the transmission reacts brutally when restarting, not without small jerks.

This transmission no longer looks as great as it once did, with the traditional mechanisms improved. But DSG is still nice overall. And the paddles on the steering wheel allow you to take control at any time, with the car automatically returning to automatic mode. If returning to automatic mode doesn’t come soon enough, a prolonged depress on the right paddle speeds up the process. Consumptions are satisfactory, as they converted about 6 liters of diesel into cents. This indicates a good quality sobriety.

Very steep road behavior

Inquire about road behaviour, we appreciate the utmost accuracy. Feel completely safe while experiencing the real driving pleasure. With properly calibrated steering. The winding roads, even in poor condition, are fun. Our Carat test version was equipped with an optional test suspension (€1,190), which we set in “Comfort” mode, which dampens the running gears a bit without affecting maneuverability. Here we find the natural toughness so dear to Volkswagen. At first, it was a surprise. But the comment is cleverly distorted. Finally, the car absorbs unevenness with an unexpected smoothness. The car is more comfortable than it first appears.

Our best-in-class ‘Carat’ makes a plush presentation, with front seats wrapped in a more silky, but unfortunately black Alcantara (faux suede). And the coarse texture surrounding the Alcantara is hardly rewarding. false note. The cost of the 2.0 TDi 150 Carat DSG engine is 34,400 euros. Golf is very expensive. We therefore personally recommend the Confortline TDi 150 “DSG”, which is less equipped, but lacks anything, at a price of 32,030 euros. Even better, it provides a choice of clear colors for the interior!

We’re almost embarrassed by the few criticisms to make, and to ensure a successful design, without looking back until two o’clock. It is a simple and practical period. All engineers, designers, or “marketers” of cars with outlandish ideas should draw inspiration from them. We have been so pleased to drive this Golf that is smooth, functional, uniform, safe, precise and lively. Moreover, you will maintain good value on resale. What more could you ask for? With rare homologation, it’s the best compact sedan on the market.

Test model: Volkswagen Golf TDi 150 “DSG” carat: €34,400

Engine Power: 150 HP (Diesel)

Dimensions: 4.26 meters (long) x 1.80 (width) x 1.45 (height)

Qualities: A pure and balanced classic line, solid and good-looking passenger cabin, good driving position, simple and well-thought-out ergonomics, bright and discreet engine, responsive gearbox (“DSG”), precise handling on the road

Disadvantages: a nice price tag, a strict interior, a “DSG” box gasket in revival at low revs.

Competitors: Opel Astra Elite CDTi 136 (bva): €29,400; Audi A3 Sportback Design 2.0 TDi S-Tronic: 33,850 euros; Peugeot 308 GT Blue HDi 180 EAT6: €34,900

Rating: 16.5 out of 20

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