Golf Courses in Laval | Save our last green!

Addresses author Stefan Boyer, Mayor of Laval

Posted at 12:00 PM.

Natalie Leonard

Natalie Leonard
A resident of Laval and co-spokesperson for the Sentiers des Bois park movement

Mayor, I am writing to you as a co-spokesperson of the Parc Sentiers des Bois de Sainte-Dorothée movement and as a citizen and mother of the Laval family for more than 30 years, because I am deeply concerned about the future of golf courses. from our lands.

When you were elected to the Union of Municipalities of Quebec (UMQ) Greater Municipal Assembly, you declared: “I am therefore committed to ensuring that this new assembly reflects a united, unified urban community. More than ever, we will collaborate on the major issues of our city.” That is why I am addressing you in my capacity as Mayor and Vice President of the Montreal Metropolitan Community Council (CMM). I wish I was present on June 16 when I mobilized CMM to oversee real estate development on golf courses through the adoption of the RCI. Laval is the third largest city in Quebec however, there is no Laval golf course on this list.

For months, many Laval citizens have been asking for your support in protecting the greens of the Cardinal, Islesmere and Laval-sur-le-Lac golf courses.

Furthermore, during your election in November 2021, journalist Paul Gornt said that you are a young, green mayor who is more concerned with quality of life and green spaces than with the economy. Mr. Mayor, we are now counting on you to confirm the difference, and to listen to global population and environmental concerns.

“We must accelerate environmental transformation. We have no more time to waste. We know it, residents tell us: it is now or never,” insisted Mayor of Montreal and CMM President, Valerie Plante.⁠ 1.

No urban parks

As you know, the majority of large Canadian cities protect over 2,000 hectares of parkland, while in Laval, there are 500 hectares protected for nearly 450,000 residents. Even including golf courses, Laval underperforms in relation to urban parks. The master plan of parks and public spaces in Ville de Laval deplores this. “To properly perform their functions, parks and public spaces must be sufficient in quantity and accessible. […] As a result, 37 USS units do not reach the threshold of 10 square meters per inhabitant […]. This represents approximately 207,000 people, or 49% of the Laval population, who live at ASU that does not offer an acceptable minimum level of availability.2. »

Mr. Mayor, many citizens have applied to stop the future of golf courses by writing memos. The Parc Sentiers des Bois movement submitted two memoranda and two petitions sponsored by Representatives Guy Aulette and Sylvain Goudreau. Our members participated in several events, the latest of which was the gathering of more than 150 people, not to mention our monthly participation in the municipal councils. Do you hear our collective desire to preserve Laval’s last green spaces, including its transition golf courses?

Since July 12, the CDU-1 Urban Planning Code Project is fast approaching, Mr. Mayor, we ask you not to use the new Urban Planning Code to accelerate the zoning change of these places. Currently protected from residential development without the support of your citizens.

In the revised Urban Planning and Development Plan, golf courses in the West are building land to be transformed rather than built, so there is no compelling need to justify ramping up golf courses in priority.

But since it is important to plan for future developments, have you not considered instead the use of vacant land, already concrete or other spaces representing more than 1,570 hectares as described in the same document? We no longer want other developments like the Cardinal Golf Course where many century-old trees were cut down regardless of the fauna and flora, without a LEED type certification for sustainable development, and that’s in order to build luxury homes that are accessible to a small minority of the population.

Today, I appeal to your vision of the future for your children in the future and for our children. For our collective well-being and collective health, please listen to the public and environmental professionals by not rushing into a decision that will have lasting negative effects for everyone. Mr. Boyer, listen to your citizens and don’t allow the last of our green spaces to be destroyed!

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